Samsung Launches Own Virtual Assistant, Bixby To Debut On Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has finally launched its own Virtual Assistant known as Bixby. Now, that name would have to take sometime before it sinks in. Do i get some witness?

Samsung’s AI project has been under test for a while now, and the company finally unveiled it today. The AI is to rival other company’s virtual assistant.

By other company’s virtual assistants, I am making reference to Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri and Micrsoft’s Cortana. Who knows, we might see Facebook’s Jarvis go mainstream. Just saying.

Samsung Virtual Assistant, bixby

Bixby is expected to debut on Samsung’s upcoming smartphones; The Samsung Galaxy S8 duo. Both smartphones are expected to launch come 28th of March, 2017.

Samsung Unveils Own AI, Bixby

By the look of it, Bixby seem to be quite different in a set of ways. However, the major challenge here will be how Samsung plans keeping the assistant alive and not let it slide like in the case of the S voice.

Samsung Senior Vice President, Injong Rhee, in a blog post, wrote:

‚ÄúSamsung has a conceptually new philosophy to the problem. Instead of humans learning how the machine interacts with the world (a reflection of the abilities of designers), it is the machine that needs to learn and adapt to us. The interface must be natural and intuitive enough to flatten the learning curve regardless of the number of functions being added. With this new approach, Samsung has employed artificial intelligence, reinforcing deep learning concepts to the core of our user interface designs. Bixby is the ongoing result of this effort.‚ÄĚ

Although Samsung says Bixby is an upgraded version of S voice, it’d be recalled that the company acquired AI Assistant company – Viv.

Viv claimed to have sophisticated AI technology and capabilities. While it is okay for you to start assuming, Samsung says it’s AI isn’t a spin-off version of Viv. Rather, it is an upgraded version of S voice.

If you’ve used Siri as a Nigerian, you may have felt the pain of Siri not being able to understand your intonation. Thus, proffering wrong commands sometimes. Thankfully, Samsung says Bixby will be able to understand small or incomplete commands. Perhaps, that could be a plus.

Bixby features on Samsung Galaxy S8

Although Bixby will debut on the brand’s upcoming line of Samsung Galaxy S8 duo, the company revealed it’d gradually integrate the virtual assistant into it’s range of appliances. This includes Samsung Air Conditionals, TVs and other Samsung devices that require internet connection.

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