How To Use Google Play Store, Google Apps And Services On Xiaomi Phones

I just got the Xiaomi Redmi 6 and the unboxing post should be coming up soon. However, pending when that is published, tutorials on using the device will be unveiled. Starting first, will be tutorial on how to use Google play store, apps and services on Xiaomi Phones with Chinese firmare.

The Xiaomi Redmi 6 unit I received from gearbest (current promo price), came out of the box with the Chinese firmware. There is a global firmware but this has Chinese. Wasn’t what I was expecting but, it gives me the chance to learn new things and that’s totally fine.

One of the set backs with this, is most apps being in Chinese language. Of course, phone texts can be set to English, the pre-installed apps are mostly in Chinese which can be a bit of an issue.

how to Install google play store, apps and services on Xiaomi android phones

A bit more of an issue is the inability to use Google apps, play store and other Google services out of the box.

Being used to Google services and for the most part, using it on every Android device I’ve had to use or review in recent time, this was an issue. I needed to have Gmail, Google Play store and other related services working.

I sourced out to download the Google play store app on the Xiaomi phone and although the app was installed, it wasn’t working. Launch the app and the app automatically closes itself.

The simple remedy would be installing the global rom as against the Chinese ROM. But, I was willing to test run the Chinese Firmware for a few more days. So, making the switch wasn’t the idea, yet.

Anyway, I was able to get Google apps, Google Play store app and other Google services working on the Xiaomi phone and here is exactly a step by step guide on how I was able to get it done.

How To Get Google Apps, Play Store, Gmail and Others Working On Xiaomi Phones

The steps are actually simple, to be honest. There are two ways this can be done; using a computer, or using a phone.

If you have a computer, it’s much faster. If however, you don’t, it’s equally doable.

Let’s start with using a phone. In this case, the Xiaomi Redmi 6 or any Xiaomi phone itself.

Step #1: Download Google Gapps package

  • Download the Google Gapps from this link
  • After download is complete, move to the next step below.

Step #2a: Extraction Using Mobile

  • Extract the downloaded file. If using mobile, use an app like ES Explorer. Winzip can also be used.
  • In the extracted file, you should find the Allbackup folder. You do not necessarily have to open it yet.
  • Copy the folder to the MIUI back up folder under internal storage. If you cannot find back up under MIUI, create one and name it back up. A simpler path to follow is Internal Storage > MIUI > Backup.
  • Having copied the folder to its new location, return back to the home menu.

Before moving on to the Installation process, let’s discuss same extraction process using a computer this time. As earlier mentioned, it’s faster.

Step #2b: Extraction Using Computer

If using a computer, and perhaps, running windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Extract the file using the default windows 10 extracting feature. Thereafter, connect your phone to your computer using a working USB cable.
  • On the phone, you’d find some options for the USB connection. Select the transfer option.
  • Access the phone files on your computer.
  • Copy the allbackup folder from your computer to your phone’s MIUI back up folder. To get there, click on the Xiaomi Phone under My PC. Click on internal storage.
  • Next, open MIUI. Select Back up. If back up isn’t present, right click on the page and choose to create a new folder. Name it backup. When done, copy the allbackup folder to the back up folder.

Thereafter, follow the installation process below.

Step #3: Installing Google Apps

Having extracted and copied the necessary files to its necessary folder, here is how to install the google services on the Xiaomi android phone.

  • Now, go to settings > additional settings > backup & reset > local backups.install google services and apps
  • Therein, you will find the Apr backup folder. Tap on it and choose Restore.
  • The restore process will commence.Installation of google play store on Xiaomi phone complete
  • When the process is complete, tap on finish.

Restart your device and you should find Google Play store app amongst the app menu. Tap on it and you will be required to input your Google account details.

When the set up is complete, you should be able to download apps and games from the app store to your Xiaomi Android phone.

You would however, need to re-download other google apps like photos, Gmail, chrome et cetera.

Common Problems and Fixes

Based on research, people seem to be having a few issues with this.

Fix Play Store Waiting For Wi-Fi problem

If after following this process, you get the waiting for Wi-Fi problem continually on the app store, here is a simple fix.

Go to settings > Installed apps > Google play store. Choose to uninstall. Alternatively, on the app menu list, tap on hold on the play store app and drag to the bin icon. Choose uninstall.

Next, Download the latest version of Google plag store. Here is a good resource.

Restart your phone and enjoy.

Fix Unable To Install App error

I did notice that some apps do not install from the Google play store having used this process. Example of those apps are swiftkey and VLC player.

Pending when you decide to switch to the global ROM, the simple solution would be using related apps.

For swiftkey not installing, I installed TouchPal and that works fine. For VLC player, I installed MX player and that works as well.

Gmail, chrome and a few other Google related apps I tried, works flawlessly.

If you still have issues with using Google apps and services on your Xiaomi phone, do not hesitate to let us know using the comment session.

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