Proven Method To Easily Fix ‘An Error Has Occurred (WS-37397-9)’ On PlayStation 4

OK, I recently joined the PlayStation 4 owners league and as expected, I’d be posting some tutorials i consider useful regarding the PlayStation 4 console. Starting off, is the WS-37397-9 error.

PlayStation 4 console

If you own a PS4 and you use an ISP like nTel (In Nigeria), you’d most often have faced that error. That error pops up as a result of your PlayStation 4 console not being able to access the PlayStation server.

Over time, there have been news concerning PlayStation accounts being hacked. Based on this, Sony has decided to tighten it’s security and has also barred quite a handful of IPs from being able to access the network service.

Hence, whenever you encounter ‘An Error has occurred (WS-37397-9)‘, know that your IP been barred. Sort of.

An error has occurred WS-37397-9 on playstation 4

A stroll to Settings on your PlayStation 4 > Network > Test Internet Connection will show PlayStation Network Sign-in Failed.

Unable to connect to Playstation network

Using a VPN like OperaVPN (If using Mobile as router) wouldn’t work either. I tried and nothing changed.

In a case like this, the possible solution would be having to change your IP right? Quite true. But most ISPs (including those operating in Nigeria) do not give you the privilege of being able to manually change your IP. So, what’s the way forward?

How To Fix ‘An Error Has Occurred (WS-37397-9)’ On PlayStation 4

Using my experience over time as a case study, I’d explain how I often fix this issue using the nTel network and my phone as the router.

Thankfully, the easy process to fixing this would be having to reset your internet connection or router.

Turning the data connection on your phone off and then, back on would most likely not fix it. Turning off the device and turning it back on would be the best bet, right? Quite true but I kinda think that’s time consuming. Don’t you think so too?

So what next? Simply turning on Airplane mode for a few seconds and then, turning it back off does the trick.

Successfully connected to Playstation Network

If that doesn’t fix it, repeat turning on and off Airplane mode again. This has always worked for me using nTel monthly unlimited plan.

Still having issues with An Error Has Occurred (WS-37397-9) on your PlayStation 4? Drop a comment and we could try solving it together.

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