How To Download and Use Spotify In Unsupported Countries On Android/iPhone

Spotify is a music streaming service. A premium one at that. The service has been around for quite sometime now and it is even considered as a worthy alternative to Apple music.

As fascinating as the service, it isn’t available in every country. That, I consider to be quite sad. Even Nigeria isn’t allowed to use spotify, yet.

However, there is a way around is. Being able to download and use spotify in unsupported countries on your iPhone or Android device is doable and that’s what this post is about.

While being able to download and use spotify in unsupported countries on Android is easy, it’s a lot harder on iPhone. This is courtesy of iOS restrictions. However, of course, there is still a way around this and I’d show you how. You know I got you ;)!

Download and Use Spotify In Unsupported Countries On Android/iPhone

First, let’s discuss how to do this on android and thereafter, we will discuss how to do this on iOS.

How To Download and Use Spotify In Unsupported Countries On Android

Step 1. First things first, we want to download the spotify app. You will need to download the Spotify APK app from an external source. Here’s a link.

Step 2. Next, we want to download a VPN. You need it to mask your IP address and thus, make it seem like we are using the service from a supported location. There are a number of free VPNs you can choose from. I’d recommend using Windscribe VPN. Download On Google play store!

Step 3. Turn ON the VPN and make sure it’s connected. You should choose United States as the server location.

Step 4. While the VPN service is running, launch the Spotify app and choose the sign up Free option.

Step 5. Input the correct details. Required details are Email, Password, date of birth, gender and username. When done, click next. Follow the onscreen instructions and you are good to go.

Go ahead and enjoy listening to songs using spotify. That’s it. That’s how to download and use spotify on android in unsupported countries including Nigeria.

Please note that it’s necessary to keep the VPN active whenever you want to use the spotify application on your Android device.

Having discussed how to download and use spotify in unsupported countries on Android, let’s discuss how to do same for iPhone.

How To Download and Use Spotify On iPhone In Unsupported Country

For iOS (iPhone and iPad), being able to download and intensively use apps from external sources isn’t usually the best option. It’s better to download from the official app store.

Since spotify isn’t supported in Nigeria and maybe, your country as well, there is a chance you won’t find the app on the app store.

The way around this, is having to switch to a store in a supported country. Your best bet would be switching to a US store. However, you cannot do this if using your Nigerian Apple ID or that of your unsupported country. Hence, first thing first, is to create a new Apple ID using United States or any supported country as your country.

To make the process easy and believable, I’d recommend using a VPN for this. You can search the app store and choose a preferred VPN service or your choice. Again, I’d recommend Windscribe. Download from iTunes store here.

To make this easy for you, let’s cut it down to different steps.

Step 1. Create A New Apple ID

  • Go to
  • Choose to create your Apple ID
  • Input your first name, Last name, select country as United States, select your birthday. Input every necessary details and hit the continue option.
  • In the payment option page, select None.

After you’ve successfully created the new Apple ID, next step will be switching the account on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Switch Your Apple ID To The New Apple ID

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on iTunes & App store
  • Under iTunes & App store, tap on the Apple ID.switch Apple ID details on iPhone
  • You will be presented three options; View Apple ID, Sign out, iForget, Cancel. Choose the Sign out option.
  • When sign out is complete, choose to sign in and input your newly created Apple ID.

Having done that, next will be downloading the app.

Step 3. Download Spotify On iPhone

  • Launch the App Store application on your iPhone
  • Search for Spotify and choose the Spotify Music app
  • Choose to download the app and wait for that to be completed.

That’s it. You’ve successfully downloaded the spotify app on your iPhone from unsupported country.

The last step will be using the app.

Step 4. Use Spotify App On iPhone In Nigeria

  • Make sure the VPN is still active
  • Launch the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad
  • If you have an active spotify account, choose to sign in. If you don’t, choose to sign up free.
  • Follow the necessary onscreen instructions and when completed, you should begin using spotify on your iPhone.

That’s it. That’s how do download and use spotify on iPhone from unsupported country.

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Again, it is necessary to first activate the VPN before using the service on the iPhone or Android device. This is necessary every time.

Questions? Do not hesitate to ask using the comment session.

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