[Confirmed] Download Infinix Lollipop and Marshmallow Stock Firmware ROMs For Hot 2 x510

Before now, I had written on quite a handful of tutorials regarding the infinix Hot 2 x510 and stock firmware ROMs.

One of the post entails how to downgrade infinix hot 2 x510 from Marshmallow to lollipop. Thankfully, a reader pointed out to me via comment that the file has been removed from the download link.

I checked this and confirmed that indeed, MEGA has deleted the file. Hence, I had to search for working links.

infinix hot 2 x510 lollipop and marshmallow Stock firmware ROMs

Thankfully, I’ve found some and I thought it wise to share. This time, with a separate post.

Infinix Hot 2 x510 Stock Firmware ROM Download Links

There are two lollipop ROMs for the Hot 2 phone. An Android One ROM and the standalone Lollipop ROM. Of course, both ROMs are Android Lollipop ROMs.

  • Download Infinix Hot 2 x510 D5110 L 20150805.zip
  • Download HOT 2 x510 D5110 L V5 20151208.zip

The difference between both would be, one allows USB OTG while the other doesn’t. USB OTG gives room for extra features like being able to use a mouse with your phone, being able to charge another device using your phone and a whole lot more.

With USB OTG, you can also access files in a flash drive without having to use a computer. For this to work however, you’d need a OTG cable.

For the Marshmallow OS firmware, download below:

  • Infinix Hot 2 x510 D5110 M 20160315.zip

Instructions On How To Flash The Stock ROM

As i mentioned earlier, I have quite a handful of articles here that teaches how to install stock firmware ROMs.

  • First, Download and extract the Stock ROM to your computer
  • Use the SP Flash tool in installing the ROM to your phone.

For a step-by step guide, See below:

If in the future, the files gets removed, please alert me using the comment session so I could update the post with working links.

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