How To Unlock Apps On Android Using Your Camera As Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint unlocking as a security system on Mobile Phones is really fun. At least to me. Most android phones being manufactured these days by top brands tend to have this functionality. Even mid-range devices seem to have fingerprint security on board.

If you have always wished to be able to unlock your android phone using the fingerprint system but do not want to spend more bucks on some expensive phones, an android app can help you. Although not the exact experience but something almost similar.

Android App Uses Camera As Fingerprint Scanner In Locking and Unlocking Apps

This particular app allows you unlock some apps on your phone using your rare camera as the sensor. So far so good, I haven’t been able to devise being able to use the fingerprint unlocking system as the default unlocking system on an android phone (still experimenting). However, I have been able to use it in unlocking some apps which I selected from the app settings and thus far, experience has been okay.

How to unlock apps on android using camera as fingerprint

Although the app and the functionality seem quite awesome considering the fact that it uses your android phone’s rare camera as a fingerprint sensor, the unlocking speed isn’t really fast compared to android phones with packed fingerprint unlocking sensors.

Placing your finger very close to the camera view in other for the reading to be done and for the unlocking to be successful takes about 3 to 5 secs. If this isn’t an issue for you, you are open to trying the app out. Of course, this can be blamed on the fact that the camera isn’t typically a fingerprint sensor.

The app comes in two versions. A free version and a paid one. Although the free version comes with the basic needs, I think the pro version is basically aimed at supporting the developer which I really think it’s worth it.

Other than fingerprints, you can choose to unlock using Patterns and PIN. But you really do not need those – because they come on literally every android device. In this case, the fingerprint is the highlight.

Can This Fingerprint Unlocking App Work On All Android Phones?

I think YES. At least for devices running on android kitkat upwards, it works pretty fine. All you need do is download the app, follow the on-instructions to configure the fingerprint process and you are good to go.

You can download the app HERE (updated link) and it is developed by FP solution.

Go on. Give the camera function being used as a fingerprint unlocking system on android a trial and possibly share your experience. We’d love to read.

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