Proven Step to Easily access Password locked apps and folders on Android Without Passcode

The title of this article sounds fascinating right? Well yes, you can ‘easily‘ access password locked apps and folders on Android phones even if you do not originally know the password.

Now, what I am gonna disclose here is my easy trick to accessing locked apps like WhatsApp, Gallery, Messages, etc on an Android phone.

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As you probably already know, most often at times, people can be secretive about the content on a particular app or folder. And for this reason, they tend to use an external lock application like App Lock, CM Security, to lock some apps and folders.

That way, a password is always required when trying to access the android app(s) or folder(s). Of course, this is basically done to prevent authorized access. At least, in the mind of the owner.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is not intended for any illegal use (Wait! Isn’t it illegal to forcefully access people’s content?). Instead, this tutorial is only intended to make you feel like a boss (or geek) in a situation whereby, a friend, relation or anyone thinks you cannot access a locked app. I or TechsNG refuses to be held responsible for whatever outcome this might result to. 

Other than the fact that you could be trying to access a locked app on someone else’s phone, there are chances that you locked an app on your phone, and for one reason or the other, forgot the password.

access locked apps and folders on android

This tutorial should guild you through accessing that password locked application on your Android phone easily. So, Enough of the preamble!

How to Access Password Locks Apps on An Android Phone

In most cases, there are possibilities that the Android phone is locked. Hence, the first thing would be requiring the owner to unlock the phone. After all, this tutorial is for locked apps on Android. Not the Android phone itself.

  • The next step would be discovering which app is being used in locking the apps or folders.
  • Most often at times, it comes with a name that has a LOCK or Security acronym. For example, app lock, CM Security, etc.
  • Press and hold the App lock icon and simply move it to the uninstall folder.
  • If you can access the settings (most people go as far as locking the settings options), navigate to Apps, tap on the lock app and tap the Uninstall option.
  • Chances are, you will be asked if you want to uninstall the App. Simply choose OK and that’s it.

Go ahead and access those initially password locked apps and folders. You’d realized they are no longer locked.

Really simple Huh?

However, please note that this trick only works on Android phones that require external apps in locking applications and folders.

If the Android phone uses an inbuilt app, this trick won’t originally work. Instead, you would need to root the phone first and thereafter, delete the inbuilt locked app. Of course, this isn’t advisable. You could cause more damage than good.

In a case where an Android app or folder is password locked using an inbuilt lock system, the best option would be to jejely leave the phone to the owner.

Glossary: Jejely means gently.

If you’ve got any question or comment regarding being able to easily unlock or access password locked apps on Android, simply use the comment session and I will respond ASAP.

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