[Tutorial] Install and run 2 WhatsApp apps / accounts on one Android Phone

Desperate times, they say, calls for desperate measures and thus, I am bringing you a verified tutorial on how to run 2 whatsapp application or accounts on one Android phone.

Before now, I talked on this being able to work flawlessly on Blackberry 10 smartphones. All that is required is to install the Blackberry version of the app and the Android version of same app.

Since, we know that can work on BB10 phones, what about Android? What’s the trick behind it? Do we have to install the Android version of the app and the blackberry 10 version?

run 2 whatsapp on android phone

Of course, blackberry 10 apps can’t be installed on Android. So, what exactly is the way out? Relax, we are about to find out.

Installing and running 2 Android apps on one Android phone

Before I go straight to the tutorial, let’s emphasize on more preamble.

Most Android phones, especially those powered by MediaTek processors, often support dual sim functionality. And of course, considering the network state in the country, using a single SIM isn’t always advised.

Now, if you’d like to have both SIMs registered and active on whatsapp, there is a need to use two smartphones right? Well, not anymore.

Here is the trick:

  • Of course, download the official WhatsApp messenger app from Google play store on your Android smartphone.
  • Register one of your numbers on that account.
  • Thereafter, download GB Whatsapp HERE,
  • Launch and follow the onscreen instructions and thus, register that with your second number.
  • Now, you have two WhatsApp messenger apps running on one Android phone. You can go ahead and test it. You’d confirm it working 100%.

Questions and Answers

Q: Do I need to root the Android phone before being able to use both whatsapp apps?

No, you don’t. It works without rooting.

Q: Is my account safe using the GB whatsapp?

Yes, it is. It works same way as the official WhatsApp. The only difference is, one is modded. Thus, giving room for more functionality. Both apps are still end to end encrypted.

Q: Can I send whatsapp messages from one account to the other account on same phone in a bid to testing if it works?

Sure, go ahead. It works flawlessly. However, you may not get notification of a message in the other account if you have one of the whatsapp apps opened at the time.

Q: Any issues with running both apps on one Android phone so far?

No. At least, none that I know off.

So, there you have it guys. The process is pretty simple and straight.

With this trick, there is really no need stocking your pocket or bag with more than one phone that supports two SIMs. If any question(s), please feel free to use the comment session.

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