This Trick Is Said To Help You Stop Your Smartphone Addiction

Just before we dive into the subject matter, I need you to answer these simple questions in your mind – truthfully. Other than now that you are ‘probably’ using your smartphone in reading this post, when was the last time you touched your smartphone? How many times on average, do you operate your phone daily? How long can you stay without using any smartphone?

turn iPhone screen to greyscale

If your answers is as good as mine, then there are chances that you are addicted to your smartphone which in this present world, is normal. So, fear not lol.

According to The Atlantic, the cure to your smartphone addiction isn’t far fetched. As a matter of fact, it’s there in your smartphone settings.

The Atlantic says the reason people are so obsessed with smartphones is because of the colors (thanks to our manufacturers who tend to always improve in that regards with HD, FHD, QHD etc).

The team stated that the color RED is what causes our brains to get excited. And that is why ‘STOP’ signs are red and while notifications are often red. The team also stated that the color red is what makes us what to keep checking our smartphones.

A poll conducted last year, proved that 72% of smartphone owners usually check their phone every hour. The only time the phone could be ignored over a long period of time is during sleep.

Cure To Smart Phone Addition

According to The Atlantic, the simple cure would be turning your smartphone’s display to greyscale (as seen in the image above). This feature is currently available on the iPhone devices and on most android smartphones.

To turn on the Greyscale feature on the iPhone, simple tap on Settings > General > Accessibility.

From there, you’d be able to see the greyscale toggle switch. This will remove all colors from your smartphone thereby turning every color grey. Even pictures will only display grey which in my opinion, can be quite disturbing.

Of course, you can easily toggle back to the usual color but I’d recommend giving yourself a test (like am currently doing in the image above), try it for a day or two and see how that goes.

Android users running android 5.0 lollipop upwards can go to settings and then click on About Phone. Tap on the build number repeatedly till you get the notification saying you are now a developer.

Now go back and open Developers option. Turn that on and go to hardware accelerated rendering, select simulate color space, tap on it and set it to Monochromacy. It’s actually that simple.

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