6 Tools That Could Help You To Run Online Businesses

Every business is always looking to improve. I mean, isn’t that one of the things that makes it a business? Being able to improve and evolve? Whether it’s on internal tasks or marketing and outreach, there are tools available to make your job easier.

Foster collaboration, engage more directly with clients and stay on top of all your tasks by using some of the tools in this list. These are 6 apps and websites that you should look into for improving your business.

SEO analysis

If you’re looking to increase traffic to your website, then Ahrefs is the ideal SEO analysis tool for you. You can use it for link building, keyword research, monitoring progress, and more. This powerful platform appeals to more experienced digital marketers since it has almost every feature you’d need for full SEO analysis and improvement.

tools to run online businesses

With the Ahrefs database, you can search over 4.7 million keywords, search for content ideas with the content explorer, analyze your competitor backlinks in the largest backlink database on the web, and improve your site quickly with the site audit tool. Ahrefs Lite comes in at $99 per month; the Standard is $179 per month. For both of these versions, you can start a 7-day trial for $7.

Analyzing Competition

Spokeo is a comprehensive records search site, helping you find and connect with people you’re otherwise not in contact with. You can search Spokeo’s common name directory, or enter your own name, email address, postal address, or other basic info to find someone. You could search by phone number, with Spokeo’s reverse phone lookup.

Spokeo phone number search could be a great resource for your business because you could use it to look up info on prospective business partners. You could also sign up for a Spokeo Enterprise account to make better use of the phone number search and other features. It’s prohibited to use Spokeo for employee screening, however. A basic Spokeo membership is $13.95 for one month and you could pull multiple reports.

Tracking Working Hours

Clockify is a timesheet and time tracking software. It can be synced over mobile and web, so it’s great for businesses and consultants who either spend their workday in meetings or on the phone. Clockify also allows you to create invoices easily.

Clockify is free to use, making it a preferred tool for freelancers. You can also purchase the Plus or Premium plans, at $9.99 per month and $29.99 per month, respectively. The higher tiers offer more advanced features like project templates and private time entries.

Searching For Emails

Hunter.io is an essential tool for outbound sales lead generation. Also known as Email Hunter, this program will help you find all the email addresses registered with a domain name. You can use it to find contact email addresses for sending cold marketing emails.

The program’s main features are its search tool, email finder, and email verifier. With these, you can find people and their contact info via a domain name, check a domain name for bogus email addresses and lookup if an email you want to send will bounce or not. You can get Hunter.io’s Starter plan for $49.99 per month. It also has Growth, Pro, and Enterprise tiers which increase in price by level.

Working Communication

Slack has become one of the most widely-used team-based communication tools out there. The app is primarily a messaging platform, so it can’t really replace your project management software. The goal of Slack is to streamline and organize team communication, especially remote-working teams.

Slack is completely free to use, but it offers advanced features for a paid subscription. Which tier you take depends on the size of your team and its needs, but most prefer to work with the free version.

Cold Emails

Mailshake, like Hunter.io, is another tool to use for generating cold email leads. Mailshake lets you send personalized emails and connect with clients via phone or social media. The platform can help your business start and manage cold email outreach with its easy-to-use dashboard.

You can sign up on Mailshake’s lowest-cost plan for $9 per month. The software also comes with great customer support, a feature many of its users rave about.

Summing Up

These 6 tools are great for boosting productivity, staying organized, and helping your business to run better overall. Handling the everyday tasks of time tracking, email management, and even reverse phone lookup, these websites and apps could be great resources for improving your company.

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