Follow These Steps To Recover Data From WD My Cloud

The data that we use and store daily is increasing every day. From office files to our personal pictures, every person is producing data on a larger scale.

Businesses and companies are also dependent on this same data right from their products to customer acquisition, making it essential to keep track of it. You will hardly find any person or business now that has not invested in a storage service. Companies especially are realising the importance of a secure and fast data storage service.

The days of storing data in files or hard drives are long gone now. The cloud is the modern-day, convenient solution for all the data needs of an individual or a company.

The storage of data on a central service, accessible to a network, is a solution to many business needs. Also, personal use such as sharing pictures and files among your family is fulfilled with NAS-connected devices like the WD My Cloud.

Recover Data From WD My Cloud

Your data is available across various platforms and devices using the My Cloud service. You can access your presentation you forgot to take remotely through this service. It offers a new level of comfort and convenience for every person using it.

Like any other device, it is susceptible to risk and damage. Losing the data can cost a lot, especially in the case of a business. There are some steps you can take before hiring WD My Cloud data recovery services. Follow our guide to recover your data:

Using a data recovery software

Using a reputed data recovery software can help recover the files quickly. It is also an excellent option for everyone who doesn’t have ample knowledge about computers and data recovery. Follow these steps to restore the data and files from WD My Cloud:

  • Download the software onto your computer. Check for compatibility according to the operating systems and the software.
  • After downloading, you have to remove the hard drive from the WD My Cloud. Use a connector to connect the hard drive to your computer. Use a good hard drive connector to ensure that your computer recognizes the device.
  • Open and start the recovery software. It will display all the relevant data types. Select the ones that you want to recover and unselect the others. Click on the start button after the selection to begin the process.
  • After that, a window with the external connected and internal hard drives will display. Select the WD My Cloud drive and click on the SCAN option.
  • All the relevant files on the drive will display on the screen. It will present the recoverable files and the ones that are deleted or lost. Select the ones that you wish to restore and click on the Recover option.

Using a professional service

There might be some files that a recovery software might not be able to restore. If the data is essential, it is better to hire a professional data recovery service. They’ll help you find and restore the crucial files.

Use a service that offers expertise and experience in recovering WD My cloud data. Their knowledge will help you track the files not available with the software.

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