Why Backblaze and Amazon are Going Head to Head

Backblaze and Amazon are squaring up to one another for dominance in the world of data storage and cloud computing services. And as the battle intensifies, this can only be good news for the customer, as we are likely to see both companies have to make updates and changes in order to provide a better and more appealing product moving forward. There are a lot of factors that play a role in helping you achieve this moving forward.

Try to make sure you do what you can to benefit from this, and understanding the situation is a great way of being able to capitalise on it. These are two heavyweights competing for market share, and pushing one another to make a more customer-focused product.

Having said that, by virtue of you being here and reading this, we would like to think you know a thing or two regarding data storage and/or cloud computing. We also assume you understand their importance in today’s technology world.

So, here is what we know about the rivalry between Backblaxe and Amazon, and what the future could look like.

Backblaze B2

Back in 2015, Backblaze released its brand new product, B2 cloud storage. The idea was to offer customers a fast, effective, secure, and user-friendly product that would also reduce download times and improve optimisation. The focus here was on being able to offer Infrastructure as a Surface (IaaS), as well as targeting software integration.

ackblaze and Amazon cloud computing

This is a product that is aimed at businesses, and looks to provide a much more comprehensive package for data protection and storage process. In 2018, Backblaze partnered with cloud computing experts to enhance the B2 program by directly connecting the Backblaze data center to its partners.

Backblaze vs. Amazon

Now, with the release of the B2 cloud computing services, Backblaze put itself in direct competition with a host of big names in the industry, including Amazon. This has seen a lot of comparison of the Backblaze B2 vs. AWS S3 products.

There are some notable differences, and it seems like Backblaze is leading the way by offering a service that is API-compatible with the Amazon S3. This has led a lot of people to go for Backblaze because of the fact that they provide a more comprehensive program, as well as a more cost-effective choice.

Slashing Prices

In addition to this, one of the key ways in which Backblaze is putting the cat amongst the pigeons is by slashing the prices that the big name brands have had in place for some time. For instance, the “Big 3” leading names in cloud computing, Amazon, Azure, and Google Cloud Computing are now finding customers’ heads turned by Backblaze, who are offering faster download times and less expensive S3-compatible cloud storage.

This has certainly given the Big 3 food for thought, and we could well see a change in the way they choose to do their pricing, and the services they offer.

These are some of the key things you need to think about when you are looking at making use of Backblaze as much as possible. There are a lot of ideas that you can use to help you make the most of what Backblaze has to offer, and this is certainly something that would be useful for you to try.

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