Infinix Zero 4 Network Connectivity Test Using nTel 4G LTE

A couple of days back, I published the infinix Zero 4 review. Therein, I basically shared my experience so far in regards using the smartphone. However, Vince via comment, pointed out I didn’t talk on the network side of the device.

Although I did corrected that in the comment session (I apologize for skipping that earlier), I’d like to share my experience using nTel 4G LTE SIM on the infinix Zero 4.

If you are wondering if the infinix zero is 4G LTE enabled, yes it is. I mean, the specifications of the smartphone clearly pointed that out.

Infinix Zero 4 Network 4G LTE Test

Again, I decided to use nTEL 4G LTE SIM for this test. GLO 4G LTE service isn’t currently available in my neighborhood. And I’ve been too lazy to go change my MTN SIM for the 4G lte positioned one.

Upon inserting the nTel SIM into the phone, the first thing I noticed is a much better network reception.

ntel 4g lte network strength on infinix zero 4

For the past few months, the Tecno Camon C9 has been the device rocking my nTel SIM. And based on my earlier review, nTel doesn’t really show a strong network reception here at my location.

The most I have seen in the past few months, is 2 network bars. But in the screen shot above, you’d realize there’s better network reception on the Zero 4 at same location.

However, guess what? Network speed wasn’t any better. I mean, as reported by speed-test tool.

Infinix zero 4 network 4g lte speed test

Do however, note that the image above was the result of the first test conducted on the device when I fixed the SIM into it.

In summary, the infinix zero 4 conducts better network strength compared to the Camon C9. However, I wouldn’t say it amounts to better downloading and uploading speed. Perhaps, the download and upload speed could possibly be the network issue at the time and not that of the phone.

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