Ladies, Here are the 2022 Best 5 Christmas Gift You Can Buy For HIM

Christmas Season is here again. A season when we celebrate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. A season when we show much love and appreciation to everyone around us. A season when getting that Christmas gift for him or her wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Now, speaking of Christmas Gifts for him, we ain’t talking about Boxers and Singlets. No! We’ve gotten enough of that already. Right, guys?

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more on your spouse. Relationships I believe, is about sharing and you certainly can do better than the ‘regular’. And by doing better than the regular, I don’t mean going beyond your capability.

Ladies, as you probably know, guys are quite difficult to impress with gifts. Especially those who can get anything they want for themselves. I am no relationship expert (far from being one) but being a guy, I like to think I can speak for guys. At least, for most guys who are financially independent.

I’d like to share some ideas as to which Christmas gift to get for him this season. But here’s the thing. You’d have to gaze at his interest. What are the things he is interested in? What are the things he fantasises about? Knowing these, will help you better with choosing the right gift for him that would most likely, sleep him off his feet.

If he is a tech enthusiast like me, I am more than happy to help you with some idea Christmas gift for him.

Best 5 Christmas Gift For HIM If He is A Tech enthusiast

In no particular order of preference, these are my best 5 recommended Christmas Gift for a Tech fanatic boyfriend.

#1. Smartwatch

 smartwatches christmas gift for him

He already has a wristwatch and possibly likes wrist-watches. Awesome! Now, spice it up by NOT getting him the regular watch, but a Smartwatch.

Smartwatches are not just regular wristwatches, they do more. I personally own one (read review here) and really, I will prefer a smartwatch to a regular wristwatch, anytime, any-day.

#2. VR Headset

Virtual Reality headset christmas gift

In this internet age, a Virtual Reality (VR) headset cannot be over-emphasized. I own one of these. A cheap one though (around $20, review here). He already has a sophisticated Android or iPhone. Great! Spice it up with a VR headset. If he doesn’t have any, he will certainly appreciate one.

A little advice though, if he is so much of a Tech enthusiast, a beginner’s VR headset wouldn’t do so much. A bit more realistic VR headset will do much better.

#3. A Phone Dock

phone docks for android and iPhone

Okay, he loves spending time on his laptop. Correct? How about a Phone Dock?

Sounds fascinating right? Phone docks are really not expensive. But they could come in handy for your Tech savvy boyfriend who spends quite a long of time on his computer. If the uses a desk, that’s much better. Add a bit of style to his workstation by introducing a phone dock.

#4. Camera or Lens

camera and lenses as christmas gift for tech savvy boyfriend

He isn’t a photographer. I know. But deep down, what makes you think he doesn’t like taking pictures or wouldn’t mind doing so?

What makes you think he wouldn’t like to give professional photography, a shot. Remember it’s as a result of Technology? He certainly would love to explore options.

He already has a camera? How about getting a additional lens for the camera? It certainly could come in handy you know.

And guess what, depending on the kind of lens you intend getting, it shouldn’t cost you as much as a brand new camera. Do bear in mind however, that some lenses cost more than the camera body itself. Don’t blame me, blame tech.

#5. Wireless Headphones

wireless headphones for tech fanatic boyfriend

Headphones shouldn’t be new to you. But really, I am not making reference to the regular headphones.

There are wireless headphones which does more than just headphones. These are the type your Tech fanatic spouse will rather appreciate. Not the regular ones. I understand he probably has a headphone, spice it up with something better.

So, that’s it ladies. Those are my recommended Christmas gift(s) for your Tech enthusiast boyfriend. Please remember, the whole idea isn’t for you to get him gifts way beyond your capability. The idea is to get him something he’d really appreciate deep down. Something that falls into his line of interest and will certainly come in handy.

Happy Christmas Guys! And by the way, I am open for Christmas Gifts Lol.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉