Etisalat Introduces Cheaper Night Data Plan Offering 250MB for N50

We haven’t exactly been getting a lot of buzz from the telecommunication industry In Nigeria since the beginning of the year. Except for nTel 4G LTE service which is now available in Port Harcourt.

Perhaps, as a wake up call, etisalat has introduced a cheaper night data plan. This time, they are offering 250MB for N50.

This however, isn’t the first night plan etisalat is offering. Sometime last year, the telecom company launched a night data plan offering 1GB for N200.

Going by what has been in existence, etisalat just introduced a way where subscribers can opt in for cheaper data plan during night time.

If subscribing to etisalat 1GB for N200 night plan isn’t your thing, you can opt in for the new plan offering 250MB for N50. Which by calculation, is a fraction of the former.

Unlike the former, the new night data plan comes with a condition. Users need to be on the etisalat easycliq tariff. Hence, it is necessary to migrate before being able to get on the train.

How To subscribe To Etisalat 250MB For N50 Night Data Plan

  • First, migrate to etisalat easycliq tariff plan by dialing *244*1#
  • Thereafter, dial *229*10# to activate the night data plan.
  • Service cost N50.
  • Subscription is valid from 12am to 5am.

While this is rather interesting, MTN still offers much cheaper night plan. With N25 on the MTN network, you can get 500MB which is usable during the night time.

Airtel is also on the good side. Despite not having 4G LTE connectivity in Nigeria yet, the ISP has a night data plan offering 500MB for N25. Airtel initially rolled out 1.5GB night plan for N50, but the price has been increased to N200.

Glo isn’t out of the night data plan league. However, not so much would be interested as a result of the internet connection speed lately.

If etisalat rocks your boat, having to opt in for the 250MB night data plan for N50 isn’t a bad idea. However, it cannot be considered cheap compared to what other ISPs currently offers.

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