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Sometime back, we talked on a few best sites to watch Korean Drama online for free and in that post, we missed out DramaBus. In a bid to fill up that void, we will be talking about the website here.

DramaBus is a website that allows you watch and download all kshowsonline, dramacool releases and watch Korean drama online for free. More interestingly, the website allows you watch Korean movies.

The website is quite famous and provides Asian drama series and shows to watch for free. Contents on the website are also often in high-quality definition.

DramaBus – All You Should Know About The Website

As at the time of writing this article, searching for DramaBus online, perhaps via Google, will display a different result. However, deciding to go to the direct website URL, you will be redirected to dramafast.com.

Dramabus website to download asian drama, korea movies and shows

Re-branding for sites in this market isn’t new. Pretty much most movie sites have at some point, changed domain. Hence, this isn’t surprising.

The website not only offers free Korean shows and series, it also provides Korean movies for streaming.

On the website homepage, you’d find what they term as Trending now. This displays the series and shows that are currently trending on the platform.

Beneath that, are other sessions like recent subbed, newly, popular dramas and movies.

Although the website displays properly on desktop and may seem more optimized for desktop, it’s equally mobile optimized. Hence, if using your phone in accessing the platform, you can be sure you’d be getting relatively good user experience.

DramaBus Categories

The website offers three main categories;

  • Drama
  • Show
  • Movie

Drama Series On DramaBus

The drama session on DramaBus website displays all the Asian dramas on the website. Here, you can get to stream and download your favorite Korean drama and the likes.

The interesting thing here is, there is a filter option. With this, you can streamline drama. You can choose to sort by default, recent, release year, popular and title. Being able to also filter using genre is doable. Here, you can select to display dramas that are action, comedy, Thriller, Crime, Adventure, Family, Fantasy and Romance.

You can also choose to select by country, release date, and status.


There is also a show session on the website that houses all the shows on the website. This session also works in same pattern as the drama series.

By that, I am making reference to being able to sort shows by default, recent, release year, popular and title. Genre, country, release, and status are also part of the filter options.

DramaBus Movies

The movies session is perhaps, the main highlight for me. Why? Because the movies ain’t just Asian movies. They also consist of the usual Hollywood, Chinese movies and movies from other countries.

The interesting thing however, is the fact that these movies are subbed in Korea. That means you get to hear them speak Korea. However, they are often subtitled in English.

Having discussed these, let’s look at how to stream or download shows, movies and drama from the website.

How To Stream Movies, Shows and Dramas On DramaBus (AKA Dramafast)

As earlier mentioned, the website has rebranded to drama fast. Hence, that’s what we are dealing with basically.

To stream movies from DramaBus, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official DramaBus website – Dramafast.com
  • Click on the movie you’d like to stream in High quality
  • Next, click on the Watch Now option
  • This will display a player window. Ad will most likely be displayed. Wait 10 seconds and click on skip ad.
  • At this point, the movie should begin playing.

That’s it. That’s how to stream movies, shows and drama on the website. Pretty simple, right?

How about how to download?

To download these movies, shows and dramas on the website, on the player window, click on the Download option as indicated in the screenshot below.

How to Download movies on Dramabus

When the download page options, select Open. Depending on where the file is hosted, you will be redirected with the option to download.

Click on download and download should commence.

It’s that simple.

Hope this guide came in handy in teaching you how you need to know about dramabus and how to stream Korea movies, drama and shows on the website and equally download them?

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