Crypto Bloggers to Follow and Learn Tricks From

Whether you are new to crypto or a seasoned investor, there is always more to learn about the wonderful world of crypto. Because the industry does not have a central authority or overseeing body, finding the best place to get reliable and factual information can be difficult. How do you know which blogs to trust or which influencers to follow?

best crytocurrency bloggers

To help you out, we have rounded up some of the best crypto blogs out there that are constantly supplying high-quality information that is also digestible to newbies to the game.

1. The Luno Blog

Luno has been involved in the crypto industry since 2013 and in that time they have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge. You can tap into that knowledge for free on their blog which will discuss an array of crypto topics from investment to regulations.

They also offer a renowned wallet. This wallet has a lot of users due to Luno’s friendly customer service, security record, and low fees. Check out their Luno Bitcoin wallet soon.

2. Crypto Income

If you only want to receive information about investment in crypto then Crypto Income is up there with the best. They cover all the basics and detailed subjects for seasoned pros. You can also find multiple discussions on their blog about how you should be approaching ICOs.

3. Blockium

The next blog you should consider frequenting is Blockium. Their content is a little different to what you find elsewhere. They cover topics to educate and analyse trends, out they also look into the psychology of crypto trading. This unique addition makes them stand out and is certainly worth your time on the commute to work.

4. Crypto Trader Tax

One of the biggest headaches when handling and trading crypto is your tax obligations. Due to copy-and-paste regulations or lacking regulations, knowing what to do can be a maze. The blog at Crypto Trader Tax is a lifesaver in this department and can help you make sense of the regulation spaghetti which attached to the taxation of crypto.

5. Coin and Crypto

Medium is a renowned outlet to gather trustworthy information and news stories, which is why the blog of Coin and Crypto are publishing their content through Medium. It has helped them rake in a following because readers know their content is being authenticated and just as important it is valuable.

They are especially useful for people just getting into crypto trading and investing. More experienced investors may not find their content as engaging.

And if You’re on Instagram…

These are some trusted blogs to check out, but if you are also Instagram you should tune into Felix Hartman, Cryptohann, Datadash and Koreanjewtrading.

The bottom line is there are lots of reliable sources for your crypto content. You just need to make sure you hit up the right ones.

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