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Yes ma, it is delivered.

That is all you want to hear from your dispatch rider as an online seller in Lagos, right? But when his phone keeps buzzing without answers, or the recipient/client keeps calling you to complain about not receiving his/her order, especially for a paid-on-delivery (POD) order, you begin to sweat, panic, and start begging your customer.

Some might begin to see you as an unserious person or an unreliable person when it comes to shifting business. That shouldn’t be you, right?

Those issues should be in the past with the Dilivad app.

Where Dilivad App Comes In?

With the Dilivad app, calls should be about asking your client how the product fits. Reason is that, you already know on your phone that the product has been delivered through an app notification.

This puts you in control and your client will fall in love with you because you have delivered not just a great product, but did so instantly. Everybody likes receiving their products fast! I mean, don’t you like that too?

The value you want to give is what your clients are after.

What is the point of a good product that was delivered late and could not serve its purpose?

Clients and buyers now consume on-demand and a late delivery could cost you so much in the future. Businesses also want immediate results from transactions, so why delay it?

Say Hello To Dilivad App

Dilivad app

Dilivad is a mobile application providing instant and secured last-mile delivery solutions within Lagos, especially for business owners.

With this app, your items are delivered instantly while you create more time to do other things you never had time for. Remember time is money.

Dilivad offers instant delivery at the right price. You never get a postponement because it is already 4 pm in Lagos. You get it delivered when you want and how you want.

Yes, you should ask how?

Dilivad uses cars and motorcycles to fulfill delivery requests. As an on-demand service, Dilivads’ dispatchers are close to you already, you get one in minutes when you request. You just need to HAIL a dispatcher, you TRACK your items and you RECEIVE them in minutes.

According to a Co – founder, Abiola, Dilivad aims to become a platform that provides B2B and B2C with dispatch-on-demand services that is efficient, affordable and real time. If it is not delivered instantly, then you can be sure it is a free delivery and it’s on us. You read that well. Yes, absolutely free!

While it helps businesses’ needs, the service is also suitable for personal deliveries and errands. So, your meal is somewhere and needs to fly to you or you left with the gate key unintentionally and someone needs it while you are still at work? Just use the Dilivad senders’ app to hail a dispatcher.

Lagos is the commercial capital and has their attention for now with plans to get to other commercial cities as soon as feasible.

Dilivad works with partners who are willing to use their vehicles and motorcycles as dispatch vehicles and are already around you. The mobile app for the dispatcher and sender is map enabled for the navigation of the dispatcher to ensure immediate delivery.

They provide senders cargo space for up to 50kg of items in cars and limited room cargo at about 5kg on motorcycles with shape important. Before you request a dispatcher on the app, you already have an idea of your fee and the time it will take to be delivered.

The dispatch industry will usually offer ‘express’ service or instant delivery at double the regular fee if not more. Dilivad’s service here will be way lesser than that since the dispatchers are already waiting for you. Your dispatch will be securely sent with a waybill number known to only you and authenticated by only your allocated dispatcher.

When asked about the Unique Selling Point of the Dilivad app, Abiola says it is the convenience it provides with flexibility. The model is not new at all but needs to be simplified further here he said.

Among other benefits he mentioned:

  • Save yourself from traffic
  • Premium service at an affordable rate
  • Know your estimated fee upfront
  • Know your estimated time of delivery ahead
  • Get up to 10% discounts on selected weekends
  • Choose between a car or motorcycle to suit your need
  • Schedule deliveries to remember post-dated transactions
  • Unlock more time (your greatest asset) for yourself and your employees

While you have the freedom to choose how with a motorcycle or a car, and the freedom of when with scheduled deliveries, you also reserve the freedom of payment mode.

Your payment may be made in cash or through a card with secured payment by fintech giants in Nigeria as payment partners. Dilivad also offers freelance work to its partners, as a dispatcher can make money from the app by signing up to become a dispatcher with his motorcycle or car.

Ladies and gentlemen, with the Dilivad app, you can be sure your dispatch guy is no more in charge and you are truly in charge of your deliveries. Get online and don’t be late. Never again. By the way, I just remembered I have a dispatch to make.

The Dilivad trademark and logo are owned by Imaginations, a business entity registered in Nigeria. Abiola Adebanjo, a Legal Practitioner and Business enthusiast is a Co-founder.

Website: www.dilivad.com
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (234) 7088718872

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