BBM3 – How To Use More Than 2 BB Pins On One Android Phone

It’s beginning to seem like the introduce of blackberry messenger on android and iPhone has given room for more enhancement to be done on the bbm app, not by blackberry Inc but by app developers.

For all tecno android smartphone users using dual sims, you’ve got a brother app lol. More so, for everyone who had always wondered if it was possible to use two or more bb pins on one device, you have a good and bad news. The good news is yes but the bad news is no.

Kinda confusing right? Yeah I know and I will sure break it down. Yes you can use dual bbm or more on one device if you are using an android phone and no you cannot use more than one bb pin on one device if using blackberry or iPhone.

Introduction of BBM3 App

BBM3 is the secondary app of BBM that can be run on the same device bbm is initially installed. This app will allow you to have two or more different Pin in one device. In most cases, you can run up to 5 bbm on one device. Sounds unbelievable right?

How To Use More Than 2 BB Pins On One Android with bbm3 app

Okay Look at the picture below, you’ll see that it contains five different bbm apps on one android device. But how many bbm apps you would wanna use on one device is a total dependent on what you wanna be using them for.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’d like to write on how to use just around 2 BBM apps with 2 different pins on one device.


Before you  can use this app on your android device, your device needs to meet up with some certain requirements which are:
==>Make sure you’ve installed the original bbm
==>Make sure your device is running on android 4.0 OS or above, then follow the Installation Guide below:

1. Download BBM3
2. Run and install it,
3. Sign in or Create a new/different Blackberry ID (Recommended)
4. Wait until it finishes synchronizing and you will have 2 bbm running on one android smartphone device or tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About BBM3

Can I run more than one bbm on Iphone/iPad or Blackberry Device?
Ans: No, it can only be run on Android device, perhaps something might be in stock for those devices in subsequent times.

There you have it pal. Please feel free to explore the bbm3 app which allows you run 2 or more bbm pins on one device and do share your experience using the comment form.

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