Access Bank Mobile Banking New App Update For Blackberry 10 Allows You Pay More Bills but I Sorta Hate It

Access Bank PLC recently launched a new redesigned app update for the blackberry 10 phone. Thankfully, Android and iOS platforms also got the new dressing as well as the accessories that comes with it. What you are able to read is my personal experience and assessment of the app so seat tight and enjoy the long story lol.

Access banl plc mobile banking app

Over the past few years, the Access Bank mobile banking app has helped me a great deal. From being able to transfer money right from the comfort of my home and on my mobile phone to being able to purchase airtime for personal use or have it sent to someone else’s phone. Trust me, it has been a wonderful feeling. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had to go queue in the bank simply because I want to make a transaction from my account or send money to someone else’s account.

Couple of days back, I decided to check through the Blackberry World on my blackberry 10 phone and i discovered the access bank app for BB10 phone had an update. Out of curiosity, I decided to update the app to see what’s new (Trying new things is fun….Sometimes!).

Access Bank Mobile Banking New App Update For Blackberry 10

The new update comes with an overhaul. The new access bank app had a different design. The logo is same however, the interface and functionality are totally different. It seemed very nice. Yes, nicer than the already odd design i was used to.

So, why do I hate it? Yes, I am coming right to that part.

The design seems very similar with the GTB mobile banking app and I am beginning to think same developer worked on the app. The basic difference between both will be the color theme change. Anyway, design isn’t what we are all about. At the end of the day, functionality is really what matters.

Upon making a transaction through the app, I realized the instructions are more complex compared to what it used to be. To make matters worse, you get an error before the transaction is completed and No, you can no longer screenshot transactions to show to a recipient that you’ve actually transferred the money. Yes, screenshots still works actually but there is totally no point. Screenshot only shows transaction completed but no information in regards the recipient’s name is displayed neither is the amount displayed on the screen. So what’s the point?

To further make you understand what I mean by this, look at the image below carefully. The first is the error you are faced with when making transaction. Tapping OK shows you the second image. The third is what it used to be when transactions are successfully done on the old app interface.

access bank mobile banking transfer

Now, which is more detailed and is worth taking a screenshot of after successful transaction to show proof that the money has been sent?

I just hope Access bank takes note of this and possibly push a fix because honestly, I am thinking of moving the app to my iPhone. The only thing holding me back now is the soft token I already have on the BB10 phone. It would be too stressful for me to start making transactions on my iPhone and always reverting to my blackberry for a token.

Please note that this personal experience and assessment is based on the blackberry 10 version of the app. Android and iOS versions may not be having same issues. So, if you are using a BB10 phone with access bank mobile banking app and you are yet to update the app, I would advise you don’t. At least not yet – maybe till I update this particular post or put up a new one to state the change. Until then, keep living in the atmosphere of miracles.

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