3 Best Alternatives To MP3Skull For Downloading Free MP3 Songs

Few months back, MP3Skull.com was officially shut down. This was due to the fact that, the website lost a legal battle. The top players in the Music Industry, music companies as well as top record labels – Sony, Warner and universal, all came together to sue the people behind the website. Call it, a case against mp3 skull.

This is quite normal as the platform provides free mp3 download to users. That’s most likely lots of time and hard work being served for free on the platform via mp3 file.

A little insight

The owners behind the music search engine and download platform were fined a whooping sum of $22 million. Other than that, the owners were asked to turn over the domain name. That led to the closure of the popular site for illegal music downloads.

This of course, was/is good news for record labels, artist and the entire music industry. However, it’s bad news for music lovers who enjoy downloading from MP3Skull.com.

MP3Skull free MP3 Song Download Website

In the current era we are in, piracy cannot exactly be stopped. They can only be reduced. I understand how sad it is for the producers, creators and all of those in the industry.

I mean, all of the hard-work, time and dedication being distributed for free. Well, almost free (these sites make money, I believe).

A lot of folks would rather prefer staying home and download latest movies from websites like FZMovies and coolmovies to visiting the cinema just to see a movie. Same applies to latest songs.

Thankfully, there are legal music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Tecno Boom. This, to an extent, reduces piracy. However, doesn’t stop people from having to download mp3 songs and albums from other almost free websites which can be considered as illegal. The process is as simple as clicking download links and voila, the file will be available.

Searching music online for downloads is a thing that has come to stay. Check most music sharing platforms on the internet. A huge chuck of the sites contain links to mp3 songs and they seem to be doing well in that market.

Anyway, enough of the preamble. If you are a fan of MP3 Skull and would be interested in alternatives, I’ve got you covered.

Best MP3Skull Alternatives For Downloading Free MP3 Songs and Albums Online

Although MP3 Skull is now available in different domains like MP3skull.guru, mp3skull.to, here are other alternatives:

  • Beemp3.org
  • MP3Viper.com (now Deepfile.org)
  • MP3Clan.com

There’s it! Although there are loads of others, you should be fine with the above 3 alternatives to MP3Skull which should aid you in finding what you are searching for.

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