TheWatchSeries Online – 13 Best TheWatchSeries Alternatives To Watch Shows Online

Thewatchseries online is an all in one website for your favorite television shows. You can stream these shows in full length and even in high quality.

Not only that, there are loads of TV series on the website catalog. The website has been available for quite some time hence, this is expected.

Thewatchseries website provide the most updated episode guides and TV links. There are a different genre of series ranging from science friction to documentary, action, horror, drama, comedy etc cetera on the website.

thewatchseries online - 13 best the watch series alternatives

Having mentioned that, the site is easy to navigate that way, you can be sure you’d find what you want. In a case whereby you don’t, there are a few thewatchseries Alternatives to check out.

On the homepage of thewatchseries online, you’d find the recently added series. This session contains the latest added television shows on the website.

Asides that, there is the latest show session, TV schedule as well as the option to watch series by genre. There is also a search box on the site which should aid you in finding your preferred television show faster.

While this website works properly for the purpose it was built for, it makes sense to have some similar sites. This can be really handy in cases where a particular show isn’t available on this site or perhaps, you just need options.

If that’s the case, in this post, we will be looking at 13 best thewatchseries series alternatives to watch shows and movies online.

Thewatchseries Online – The Best 13 Alternatives To The Watch Series To Stream Shows and Movies Online

I will be saving the best for the last. Without further ado, these are the best 13 sites like The watch series;

1. GenVideos

Genvideos have been around for quite sometime now. This is a platform that offers different genres of videos and movies for users to download. Clearly, you can even tell what it is from the name.

On Genvideos, users are equally download latest TV series episodes in HD quality and use of the site is easy.

2. CouchTuner

Coming second, is CouchTuner. CouchTuner is quite a household name when it comes to watching movies and shows online.

The website is quite popular and as such, deserves being on the list of best sites like thewatchseries. Being able to use the website is also easy and straight to the point. If looking for a website to stream your favorite TV shows in HD, couchtuner is definitely a site to have on your radar.

3. Vumoo

Vumoo is another cool site like thewatchseries online for streaming shoes on the internet. Other than the site being an alternative, Vumoo holds an edge when it comes to ease of navigation and friendliness.

The website features one of the largest collection of full-length movies. Movies you can watch for absolutely free.

4. FzTVSeries

Remember FzMovies? FzMovies is one of the leading sites for downloading movies online for free. However, while FzMovies is strictly based on movies, their sister site; FzTVSeries, is solely based on television shows.

Just like FzMovies, FzTVseries is equally easy to navigate through and has quite a number of download servers to choose from when downloading TV shows. The only downside however, is that shows on fzTVseries, are often compressed.

5. 123Movies.To is another platform that brings all the latest movies and TV series in one piece. The website is sometimes referred to one of the best.

On, you can download and stream movies from different countries. This includes Hollywood, Bollywood, Asian and even Chinese Movies.

6. Rainierland

If you are on the lookout for a site that offers movies in their original version, then Rainierland should be on your radar.

While indeed, there are other similar sites like Rainierland, Rainierland will definitely keep you hooked with amazing movies and shows on its platform.

There are loads of TV shows and movies you can stream for free on the website.


PrimeWire to a huge audience, is quite popular. The website is amongst the top websites to watch TV shows and movies online for free.

If you are on the lookout for latest blockbuster movies and shows, PrimeWire have got you covered. One thing though. You’d have to register to use the platform.

8. MegaShare.Sc is another website worthy of this list. With thousands of full-length HD movies, you can’t go wrong with MegaShare.

On the MegaShare website, you can find loads of movies in their categories. This is usually on the left side of the page. Other than movies, there’s provision for cartoons, manga, comedy and drama. Asian dramas are also part of the package here.


Although this deserves a better position, this list of watch series alternatives wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of MyDowmloadTube.

MyDownloadTube is a website that offers free movies and shows. Just like every other site in this post. The website also provides movies and shows in different quality format. This can be in 720p (HD), 1080p (FHD) and maybe less.

Although the website isn’t as equipped as others on terms of the numbers of movies and TV series in its collection, you are sure to get the most rated movies.

10. is another website worthy of this list. The site contains loads of awesome movies for your viewing pleasure.

Other than the number of movies and television shows available on the platform, the interface is also easy to work with. This makes room for users to download shows and movies with little or no redirection.

11. Todaytvseries2

TodayTVSeries too is another series website that has been available for a while. Clearly, thewatchseries is centered around just movies. So also is TodayTVSeries2. Hence, if you need a website that’s strictly about movies, this is a website to have on your radar.

12. Ch131

Ch131 also referred to as channel 131, is another website I just discovered. The website is also quite resourceful for movies and shows and for that reason, I am including it in this list.

Although the site claims to have movies in stock, for the most part, it provides television shows. There is also an update on the website stating the shows airing on the day of visit.


Last but not the least, is I just had to save the best for the last.

Goojara is a website I recently discovered and has since, turned out to be my favorite go to website for movies and television series. The website is easy to navigate and comes highly recommended.

Not only can you stream television shows on the site, you can also download them.

There you have it. Those are the best 13 thewatchseries alternatives I can recommend at this point. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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