How to See Who Your Girlfriend is Texting (100% Works)

Text messages are some of the most common ways by which people communicate these days. If you don’t want others to hear your conversation, you can send text messages. People who cheat also use text messages a lot, especially if their partner is around.

If you notice that your girlfriend texts a lot, it’s possible that she’s cheating on you. Well, this is not always the case but you can verify the truth by using a phone monitoring app. One of the most recommended apps is Spyier.

Part 1: How to View Who Your Girlfriend is Texting with Spyier

Who is my Girlfriend Texting? Get an accurate answer from Spyier, the best spy app in the world. Phones are personal possessions and it’s almost unthinkable to ask someone to share their phones with you. This means if you want to see who your girlfriend is texting, you have to be smart about it.

How to View Who Your Girlfriend is Texting with Spyier

Thanks to technology, you can use a spy app to see what your girlfriend is doing on her device. Many spy apps are in the market but you need to choose the most effective of them. When it comes to a reliable and most trusted spy app, Spyier comes highly recommended.

Spyier allows you to see who your girlfriend is texting without accessing her device. The software is a powerful app that is designed to give you complete access to everything your girlfriend does on her phone.

This means when you launch this app on her device, you’ll be able to see all her text messages. You’ll also see the details of the senders and receivers.

View Spyier Messages

With Spyier, you’ll have access to the following on your girlfriend’s phone:

Read her text messages: when someone sends an SMS to your girlfriend’s phone, Spyier will transmit it to your dashboard. From there, you can read the text messages and store them for future proof.

View contact details of senders/receivers: Spyier enables you to see the complete details of the person your girlfriend is texting. You can see their full names, phone number, and the date and time they send the text messages.

Read Deleted Text Messages: It’s unlikely that your girlfriend would want to leave incriminating messages on her phone. The most likely thing she would do is to delete the messages to avoid getting caught. Don’t worry about it. Trust Spyier to retrieve all deleted text messages for you.

View Shared Media Files: If your girlfriend sends or receives any media files, you’ll be able to download the media files and review them. Spyier gives you access to various media files on the target device, including videos, photos, and audio files.

Part 2: How to Use Spyier to View Who Your Girlfriend is Texting

To see who your girlfriend is texting is easy with the Spyier app. The first step is to activate the app on your girlfriend’s device. You don’t need any technical experience to use this app. It’s as simple as they come. Spyier is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, which means it works for any device.

Here’s how to set up the app and get it running fast:

  • Sign up for a free account at the Spyier official website. You need a valid email address to create an account. You’ll use this email ID as your username whenever you want to log in to your Spyier dashboard.

Create Account On Spyier

  • Subscribe for a Spyier plan. If your girlfriend has a single device, the premium subscription package will suffice. However, if she uses multiple devices, it’s recommended that you choose the Family package. This will give you full access to all her devices.
  • When you complete the subscription payment, a set-up guide will be sent to the email you used in creating your account. Follow the simple instructions to complete your Spyier setup. Let’s look at how the Spyier installation works for both Android and iOS devices.

Spyier Installation Process for Android Devices

The Android version of Spyier requires an app installation on your girlfriend’s phone. The app is a mere 2MB-sized software, so it doesn’t take any time to install. You’ll complete the whole process within three to five minutes. You don’t have to root the Android device to access the full features of Spyier.

After installing the app, you can hide the app so that it becomes invisible. The app begins to function stealth mode and undetected. It doesn’t affect the working of the device. It’s fully encrypted, so it can’t get corrupted. Additionally, it doesn’t transmit a virus or malware on the target device.

Using a spy app for Android device requires that you install an app on the target device. Some spy apps claim that they can offer monitoring features without installing an app. This is not possible and if you decide to use them, you may put your girlfriend’s phone at risk.

Spyier Installation Process for Android Devices

Spyier Activation Process for iOS Devices

Activating Spyier on iOS devices does not require any installation. This means you don’t have to touch your girlfriend’s phone to access her text messages. All you need is her iCloud credentials. When you select ‘iOS’ as the device you want to spy. You will be redirected to another webpage.

Here, you will be prompted to provide the iCloud credentials of the device you want to spy. Give the correct details and click the ‘Verify’ button. When the details have been verified, click the ‘Finish’ button to complete the activation process.

Spyier Activation Process for iOS Devices

You have to wait for a couple of minutes for Spyier to sync the iCloud account with your dashboard. When this is done, you can log in to your dashboard with your username and go to the selection panel. Click the ‘Text Messages’ menu to start seeing the details of who your girlfriend is texting.

Spy On iPhone with Spyier

Part 3: What More Can Spyier Offer?

Spyier is a feature-packed spy app that does more than give you access to your girlfriend’s text messages. There’s much more you can see on your girlfriend’s phone beyond her text messages. Spyier has over 35 features inherent in it. These features offer access to the following:

Call Logs: You can see who your girlfriend is talking to per time. The Spyier app logs the details of the caller and calls’ recipients. You can see the name and phone number of the caller, timestamps, and duration of the call. You can also record the calls to know what the conversation is about.

Social Media Accounts: Spyier allows you to see the activities happening on your girlfriend’s social media accounts. You can access her WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and more. You’ll be able to see her posts, private messages, and shared media, including photos, audio, and videos.

Web Browser History: You will also see the list of web browsers that your girlfriend has visited over a period. If she visits dating sites, you’ll be able to see the details of her activities on such sites.

Real-time Location: Spyier allows you to see the real-time location of your girlfriend at every time. The app works with the GPS feature of a device and transmits data to your dashboard from the device. With this, you’ll always know where your girlfriend is per time.


Spyier offers the perfect opportunity to see who your girlfriend is texting. It works 100% and it’s highly effective. It’s safe, secure, and affordable. So, when you need to see the details of the texting activities of your girlfriend, choose Spyier to do the job for you.

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