How To Root Infinix Zero 16GB / 2GB and Change IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

The infinix zero isn’t a new phone, this tutorial on how to root the device and change its IMEI to a blackberry IMEI would have been published long ago but since we didn’t have the device, we couldn’t. But recently, we had a chance to experiment using a friend’s phone and we are here to share with you the usual.

Rooting the 8GB and 1GB versions of the infinix zero is quite easy compared to the supercharged 16GB and 2GB version. If you know your way, rooting the supercharged version is also easy, and the same goes for changing its IMEI. It all boils down to having the right information and resources.

root infinix zero 2gb, 16gb rom

If you’ve been sourcing for a means to root your 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM infinix zero, this post is to guild you.

Rooting Infinix Zero X506 16GB Internal Memory / 2GB RAM Version

To root this device, you do not need a computer. All you need is the right application and a stable internet connection.

There are basically two rooting apps you can use; Kingroot and iRoot. Both are android apk apps.

Root Using Kingroot

Download the latest version of Kingroot APK (Uncheck Use our download manager and get recommended downloads before tapping download). Launch and Tap on Root. Wait till you get the good check mark.

Sometimes, using kingroot doesn’t work at first in rooting the infinix zero phone. In most cases, you may have to try thrice before it roots successfully. If you ain’t so patient with that, the best option could be using iRoot.

Root Using iRoot

The iRoot worked very well in rooting the infinix hot x507 android phone, although using a PC was necessary. For the Infinix zero, the android apk version does the job.

Download the iRoot APK app, launch it, and tap on root. You should get a notification stating ‘Rooting hard now….’.Stay calm till the process is complete and you should get ‘Root Succeeded’ notification.

Congratulation, your phone has been rooted. Please be aware that, for both rooting processes, a stable internet connection on the phone is needed.

How Do I Confirm That The Device Has Been Successfully Rooted?

If you used Kingroot, kinguser app should automatically be installed on the zero phone. If you used iRoot, superuser should automatically be installed. Just search through your menu icons for them.

How To Swap Infinix Zero 16GB / 2GB Version Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI?

Just get a working blackberry IMEI (You can request using the comment form below), Download Mobile Uncle Tools from Google Playstore, and follow the tutorial Here.

Rooting the infinix zero 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM supercharged version is as easy as that. Same also is changing it’s IMEI.

With the information above, you are good to go. Remember that changing it’s IMEI to a blackberry IMEI gives you the ability to use glo bis (N1000 for 3GB) on the device and you can subscribe max of thrice in a month.

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