How Is It Possible to Monitor Your Boyfriend’s Phone without Touching?

Infidelity in relationships has become extremely popular in new age relationships. Apart from that, a person’s cell phone plays a major part in ensuring that he has every opportunity to cheat. The social media chats, messengers, emoticons, etc. are just quick opportunities for people to stray in relationships.

If you are reading this, you are probably worrying about your boyfriend’s honesty in the relationship. Well, this is a prime concern in most relationships. People have more opportunities to deceit in a relationship by virtue of one sole platform, i.e. their phone.

So, if you can attain access to your boyfriend’s phone, you can get access to his life. You need to know about this new age boyfriend spy app that can act like your relationship safeguard.

Best Boyfriend Spy App: Safespy

If you look for a boyfriend spy app online, you will be appalled at the options. The options are so many. But, you can’t trust them all and not all are reliable. In addition to inflicting your system with unwanted malware, they can also risk the integrity of your system. But, the biggest risk, they can get you caught spying.

Of all the options available, Safespy is the best and most safe route to spy with. It is not just another spy application searched randomly, it is the spy app that will protect your identity and your relationship.

What Is Safespy?

Safespy is a web based online spy app. You can get an utter and complete access to your boyfriend’s phone. It has an array of superb functions that make it most coveted. By virtue of its quintessential layout, it has won many hearts around the world.

Safespy Spy App

So, what makes apps like Safespy special than other apps? You need to check out the cool features below to know about that:

Spy Without Touching Boyfriend’s Phone

You can monitor your boyfriend without needing him or his phone. If you ask your boyfriend for his phone, he will give you the same after deleting messages, call records, etc. Safespy let’s you see everything he has been doing real time on his phone.

When it comes to spying on your boyfriend’s iPhone, you wouldn’t need his phone at any point in the process. When it comes to spying on your boyfriend’s Android phone, only the most necessary and inescapable rooting requirements are catered to.

Perfect Interface

Per se, you might feel skeptical about spying on your boyfriend’s phone. What if he finds out? Will it be safe? There can be questions like these that add to the apprehensiveness. If you have a complex interface, your functions can be highly bottlenecked.

This is why Safespy’s clean interface is most coveted. It does not require any special technological skills. Even with the most basic knowledge of technology or computer, you will be able to use the Safespy effortlessly.

The layout of the app is too simplistic and just the right spread of tabs laid out neatly. Any function that you would need to look into will be well sorted on the dashboard. You wouldn’t even need to run the demo as it is extremely understandable.

Below is the standard dashboard of the app. Even if you try to complicate it, you wouldn’t be able to do so as it is sufficiently awesome.

Spy App interface

Most Genuine Application

Even if you are just scrolling through the web page of a spy app, it can hamper your system security. Safespy is absolutely secure and safe to perform on. The sanctity of your system and its functions will be ensured regardless.

Stealth App

The stealth app has been well inbuilt into the very structure of Safespy. The application’s process and procedures are extremely secure, perfect and discreet. In no way can your spy conduct be known, seen or felt.

Spy on your Boyfriend’s Phone without Touching it

The process of spying on your boyfriend’s phone cannot be simplified more than Safespy. The entire process will only take a couple of minutes. The procedure is mentioned below:

Step 1

To start the journey of spying on your boyfriend’s phone, you need to register and sign up on Safespy’s web based application. The signing up on Safespy’s website only needs your email and nothing else is required.

sign up on safespy

Step 2

After you have signed up, you are required to select a plan. Safespy has attractive plans in abundance to choose from. You can seek what serves your purpose best, and you can make an informed choice about your plan.

Step 3

After having purchased the plan you want, you would receive a set up link on your email ID. All you need to do is click on the link. The set up procedure will take you through the process and you will be done and dusted in a few minutes only.

finish installation of safespy app

Step 4

Once the installation is completed, you would need to sign in into the application, you would then need to choose the target platform. Select ‘Android’ if your boyfriend has an Android phone. Select iOS if your boyfriend has an iPhone.

When Your Boyfriend Has An iPhone

Things cannot be more simplified than the fact when your boyfriend has an iPhone. You just need to just enter the iCloud credentials of your boyfriend’s phone. No other extra information is required from you. You can spy on his phone immediately upon providing this information.

Install safespy on iPhone

When Your Boyfriend Has A Android Phone

In this case, you would need to download the Safespy app. This is because of Android’s strict rule that every spy app has to follow. However, the app is so designed that it only and only weighs 2 MB.

When downloaded, it can be hidden immediately. However, the link will be established immediately. Thus, leaving you with a dashboard that will be a spitting image of your boyfriend’s Android phone.

download safespy on android


If you have doubts about your boyfriend’s honesty in your relationship, you have every right to know the truth. This is why boyfriend spy apps like Safespy are becoming increasingly popular.

You can’t invest your emotions and time on a person who is not being honest to you. It’s like allowing yourself to be emotionally exploited. Therefore, you must curb the suspense.

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