ExoGun DreamPro Full Review – Features, Enhancement and More

Massage guns are instrumental pieces of technology, assisting your body in its fight against stress and muscle tension. One of the devices that garnered a lot of attention recently is ExoGun DreamPro. It’s a compact gadget that features an innovative technique to help you alleviate anxiety. In addition, it comes with various components that enhance its utility and ease of use.

Coming up is a detailed review of ExoGun and the benefits of using this device.

ExoGun Key Features

ExoGun Key Features

Here’s a brief overview of ExoGun’s main highlights:

  • Percussive therapy
  • Four different attachments
  • Powerful massage motor and battery
  • Quiet operation and ergonomic grip
  • ShockSmart sensitivity

Percussive Therapy

Percussive Therapy Using Exogun

ExoGun is a powerful weapon against many issues associated with stress and muscles. It renders a revolutionary deep tissue massage method called percussive therapy. The technique consists of powerful blows that reach the deepest areas of the muscles. It enhances your blood circulation and relieves tension, resulting in an array of applications:

  • Speeding up muscle recovery
  • Treating muscular soreness
  • Reducing fatigue and reinvigorating your body
  • Curing knots, cramps, and spasms
  • Improving posture and flexibility

On top of relaxing your muscles, the machine also helps alleviate any soft tissue pain. It produces brief yet intense pulses to reach your soft tissue, improving circulation by stimulating blood vessels. Consequently, ExoGun DreamPro provides a quick path to instant recovery, which is essential for athletes.

Furthermore, the gadget has a wide variety of medical applications, including post-surgery recovery. It can facilitate scar tissue breakdown, relieve pain, and restore your range of motion. Additionally, it can accelerate tissue growth and healing, getting you back on your feet before you know it.

Four Different Attachments

Exogun Four Different Attachments

ExoGun DreamPro works on almost any body part due to four convenient attachments:

  • Flathead – The Flathead is the universal attachment that accommodates many areas, such as your calves, shoulders, and chest.
  • Forkhead – The Forkhead is designed for sensitive regions connecting to your spine. It delivers gentle pulses to prevent bumping and injuring the spine.
  • Bullethead – The bullethead attachment is an excellent choice for massaging smaller muscles and achieving healthy joints due to the highly practical tapered edge.
  • Ballhead – The Ballhead is the most widely-used attachment. It can cover bigger areas, making it ideal for large muscle groups, like hip muscles and the chest.

1. Powerful Massage Motor and Battery

Powerful Massage Motor and Battery

ExoGun boasts one of the best motors on the market. It features six different settings, ranging from 1200 to 3200 percussions each minute. This amounts to around 20Hz at the lowest setting and 53Hz at the highest mode. Moreover, the strokes are 16 millimetres long.

The motor produces more power than most similar devices available. Nevertheless, if you’re a smaller person without considerable muscle mass, you might want to minimize the intensity. The lowest setting should still generate enough percussions to alleviate any pain without hurting your bones or joints.

Ultimately, you’ll need to listen to your body and accommodate various scenarios. For instance, you’ll need powerful settings to provide instant relief when dealing with cramps. In contrast, low-intensity blows are more advisable for sprains. Whatever you’re looking for, ExoGun’s six-speed settings are the answer.

When it comes to the battery, the model can give you approximately four hours of uninterrupted work. Moderately used (five minutes per day), the machine can provide between one and two months of use on just a single charge.

The gadget also comes with an LCD screen that shows the strength and battery level. This means you can always check the available power and determine if you need to plug in your charger. As a result, you can prevent annoying shutdowns in the middle of a session.

2. Quiet Operation and Ergonomic Grip

Exogun's Quiet Operation and Ergonomic Grip

Besides delivering tremendous power, ExoGun DreamPro isn’t too noisy. The device features a brushless motor that lowers the volume while the model is running. Nevertheless, the low-noise operation doesn’t impede effective blows and vibrations. You’ll be able to massage yourself without disturbing other people.

Complementing the gun’s quiet design is its ergonomic grip. It boasts anti-slip materials that absorb shocks, dispersing the energy of each stroke to enable confident handling. Thus, you can use the massager with absolute precision.

3. ShockSmart Sensitivity

Exogun's ShockSmart Sensitivity

ExoGun’s advanced motor is supported by ShockSmart sensitivity to provide efficient operation. It makes the machine more responsive, ensuring the strokes address all your needs. Also, they neutralize the blows and ensure accurate blow energy depending on your requirements and recovery conditions.

4. A Wholesome Hi-Tech Massage Gun

It’s easy to see why many people consider ExoGun DreamPro the best massage gun 2021. It renders the highly beneficial percussive therapy to tackle a host of conditions. The model is also extremely versatile, capable of targeting multiple muscle groups with four convenient attachments. To top it all off, the adjustable motor and long-lasting battery help deliver a terrific all-around performance with significant potential health benefits.

To get more details on this product, head over to www.exogun.com.

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