Check Out These First Pictures Shot Using The Tecno Camon C9 Smartphone

The Tecno Camon C9 is Tecno’s latest addition to the Camon Series and just as it’s predecessor, the Camon C9 is being seen as a camera phone.

Tecno, so far, tend to be producing different phones to fit into different markets. If you crave for a tecno smartphone with good battery life, say hello to the L series. There are other categories to check out.

For example, If you crave for a tecno smartphone with good music features, the Boom series could be your bus-stop. If you crave for a tecno smartphone with Camera quality, well, that’s what the Camon series is all about.

Anyway, next up to the main subject matter. I woke up this morning and while there were drops of rain outside, i decided to explore the Tecno Camon C9 camera within my environment.

While we anticipated the full review of the tecno camon c9 android phone, let’s explore some pictures.

Tecno Camon C9 Camera Samples

Camera Sample 1

Starting first is a picture i shot last night using the Camon C9 back camera under low no light condition. The image was shot some few minutes to 9pm (precisely 8:47pm).

Thanks to PHCN, there was no electricity at the time and i was feeling too lazy to go turn on something that’s been saving Nigerians since 1960 – Generator.

It so happened that during the time, testing the Camon C9 watermark feature and taking a picture of my hand in front of the camera was all i could really do since none of my dogs could be still.

tecno camon c9 night picture camera sample

More Camera Samples

So, back to shots taken this morning. While it was ‘kinda’ raining, i want to first and foremost, say a very big thank you to the snails who appeared for the photo-shot session despite the short notice. I’d love to work with you guys over and over again.

tecno camon c9 morning camera shot tecno camon c9 morning camera sample tecno camon c9 morning pics shot 5 tecno camon c9 morning pics shot 6 tecno camon c9 morning pics shot 7tecno camon c9 morning pics shot

It was actually cold outside and am guessing these models were caught up in the act.
tecno camon c9 morning pics shot 3

So, there you have it guys. These are not all the pictures you should expect from TechsNG courtesy of the Tecno Camon C9 smartphone. I hope to take more shots and possibly share them in the full review of the Camon C9 that should be coming in a few days.

If you missed out the unboxing content of the camon c9, you can still access it here. Thinking of using the phone for nTel, here’s a test you should see.

Update: I have published the camon c9 review and everything you need to know about the camon c9 can be accessed in this full review here. A video is also attached for those who would rather watch a video than read lengthy content.

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