Kupino APP Review: What You Must Know Before Installing

As technology is being improvised and is being accepted in our everyday activities, companies and developers are banking on this and looking to make living much simpler. For this cause, we will be looking at the Kupino App review. This can be seen as an interesting app which we will be talking about here.

We will also have their privacy policy listed out. That way, you can tell what personal data is collected by their trackers or bots. Pretty much to give you an idea of how the app works and perhaps, other things you should know.

Alright. Without taking much of your time, let’s take a look at what kupino is all about.

Kupino App Review – What is Kupino App?

Kupino App is an app that takes and holds current advertisements. The app is targeted to US only. It also takes Offers and Special Deals from companies and Stores to you. You can find the app on Google play store.

KuPiNo APP review

It’s a Very good app, as it lists out offers, ads, and special time deals based on the location of the user. This makes it very easy for the user to navigate through the offers to find better deals or offers.

The Kupino App has quite a number of features including a search bar. This is necessary to help locate your home store quickly with ease to find your absolute best deals and make your orders.

Kupino Works with a Map Location API which is able to give you your present location, as well as distributing the specific ads from stores at your location. Speaking of features, let’s talk about a few more.

The Kupino App Mapping API

The Kupino App Mapping API, also referred to as MAP API is used to give out signals to provide location AI intelligence for the Kupino App. This is usually used to detect, and list out all location-based offers, products as well as adverts for its application users. With this, users are able to navigate easily through the app and get want they are looking for.

Kupino MAP API has given the foundation to help in finding deals, stores, and their ads along with your location. It features maps and collects geographical location data for its users. 

So, well from what said above, you should know that your location privacy when using the Kupino App is at stake. This is as a result of the fact that it takes the user’s location and geographical data to help user experience.

Well, we don’t know if they sell out user data for their income, but hey!! on the bright side all location information taken is so as to build up the user experience and bring deals closer to you.

Another strategy implemented by the Kupino App to help users navigation is the application of categories on over 252 retailers to stop users from getting lost.

List of Permissions from the Kupino App

This Kupino app has access to:

  • read Google service configuration
  • full network access
  • receive data from the Internet
  • View all network connections
  • prevents and blocks the device from sleeping

The Kupino App service has indeed satisfied its users since its launching with no complications.

Take a quick look below on this kupino app review article. It pretty much gives an overview of what it is about.

kupino app intensive and quality review

Nice Look which displayed categories on the top bar for easy navigation. You can become a user of the Kupino App today. This way, you get satisfied. Meaning, there would be no disturbing flyers on your front porch or bulk mails sent to your mailbox. Shop Well, Shop Smart.

6 Reasons to use the Kupino App

  1. Help Keep All Flyers. Kupino App helps to keep all your unique and favorable ad flyers at a single place. This includes Flyers such as Walgreens ads, Food Lion Weekly specials, Rite Aid circular, and Aldi weekly ads.
  2. Navigate and Find your taste anywhere. With this app, you are assured of being able to browse online anywhere, indoors or outdoors irrespective of your location, and yet have your top flyers with you.
  3. Easy user’s navigation and search experience. Kupino App has made it way much easier for users to navigate through by just using the search button to find their brands and deals.
  4. Location-Based View. Kupino.com as well as Kupino App has made it available for users to view stores and shops based on their country or region location.
  5. Deals Comparison for users on a budget. The Kupino platform allows you to view thousand and lots of deals so you can make a free choice on the one that aligns with your budget and make purchases.
  6. Map Viewing. Just like the Google Maps, kupino uses its map API to show users live map location data and stores, alongside their open hours (operating time).
    Kupino App review

That’s it, guys! That’s all we can cover about the review of the Kupino app. If you have further concerns or observations about this app, please let us know using the comment session.