How To Lock / Unlock Apps Using Fingerprint ID On Infinix Android Phones

This post will teach you how to lock and unlock apps on your infinix android phone using Fingerprint security.

Infinix Mobile has redefined its approach to manufacturing phones. They’ve gone the metal design route and more interestingly, fingerprint scanner is now on board.

The infinix Hot S, Hot 4 and Note 3 are the brand’s latest smartphones and they all have fingerprint scanner on board.

Update: After the Note 3, the brand has launched a couple more smartphones. There’s the HOT S2, HOT S3, HOT 5, Note 4 and Zero 5. You can get the full list here.

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All these smartphones should be able to perform the same function of being able to lock and unlock apps using the fingerprint ID.

I am currently still testing the infinix Hot 4 and so far, the experience have been pretty good. What catches my fantasy most in the device, would be the fingerprint scanner and the speed at which, it unlocks the phone.

With the newly launched infinix smartphones running XOS based on Android Marshmallow out of the box, you can lock and unlock apps using your fingerprint ID without the need for a third-party app.


Below is a video which shows a step-by-step guide on how to get the whole process done. It’s detailed and should get you done in no time.

However, if you would rather prefer a written tutorial, here you go:

Locking / Unlocking Apps Using Fingerprint ID On Infinix Android Phones

First, you should have your fingerprint programmed on the phone. If you haven’t, you should do so before moving on with other steps.

infinix hot 4 fingerprint setup 2

  • Done registering your fingerprints on the phone? Tap on the fingerprint app displayed on the home-screen,
  • Tap on fingerprint management and type in your PIN. Same pin you used when registering your fingerprint ID.
  • Next, toggle the Access App Lock ON, which should thereafter, show a green button as against gray. When done with that, go back to the main menu.
  • Next, tap on the app drawer, scroll down to XManager and tap on it.
  • Tap on App Lock and you can use your fingerprint in passing the verification process.
  • Tap on ‘Change the scope of privacy‘ and on that window, you can set which apps you want to lock. Tapping the app again simply unlocks it.

So, that’s how to basically lock and unlock apps using your fingerprint ID on the newly launched infinix smartphones.

But, is that all? Well, you can change how the lock priority works.

By this, I mean, you can set the apps to automatically lock each time you exit the app, each time the screen goes off or sometime after the screen must have turned off.

To set or change this, simply go back to the XManager > App lock > Change app lock policy.

So, there you  have it guys. More useful tutorials will be coming soon regarding these infinix devices. Got any question(s), please use the comment form.

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