Garanntor Launches Cloud Servers and WebHosting Services in Nigeria

Garanntor has officially launched its cloud servers and WebHosting services in Nigeria. Garanntor is a hosting company and an accredited domain registrar officially launched in November, 2016 at its Tier III datacentre in Lagos, Nigeria.

Web-hosting can be likened to your apartment (HOME) while your domain name can be likened to your home address. The content on your blog or website can be likened to your properties.

For the address to be active and your properties to be in a somewhat safe and accessible place, you need an apartment, correct? That’s where web hosting services comes to play.

Simply put, WebHosting basically makes your site and perhaps, content become accessible on the internet via your custom domain name.

One of the best practice when choosing to host a website if it’s solely for business, is to choose a WebHosting company close to your customers. And Garanntor is the first company in the WebHosting industry to host all of its infrastructures in Nigeria without ever hosting outside the country.

garanntor web-hosting service launched in Nigeria

The company offers infrastructures as a service solutions to developers, SMEs, NGOs, Corporate and government Organizations. Its infrastructure is engineered to deliver services that are in line with global standards. It is built speed and offers three of levels redundancy, its service level agreement on hardware and connectivity is 99.9%.

Nigerians would now have access to affordable, fast, premium data hosting services which include but not limited to – domain names, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) , Cloud Servers, web hosting, web security, cloud solutions, CDN (Content Delivery Network), Application hosting, Cloud Storage, Disaster Recovery, and Coloration.

With all of those infrastructures being put in place, you can except a premium service and fast loading website / blog with its datacenter in Nigeria.

How Garanntor all started

It all started with a market gap, a client mentioned the need for a cloud hosting company with datacentre located locally that can match global standards, to the Managing Director, Olalekan Ajayi, who has been in the IT industry for 10 years.

It was something along the lines of a cloud company that “guarantees” 100% uptime to fulfill businesses growing demand for next-gen IT services which was proficient and would not cost an arm and a leg.

Garanntor went the extra mile to include 24hour customer service and support to assist our customers every step of the way, at any time, on the phone, social media, email, live chat.

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