Best 11 Fake Email Generator – Get Free Online Temp Email Address

In this post, we will be looking at some of the best Fake Email Generator tools. With these tools, you can get a free online temporary email address.

The need for a fake email address can vary. For one, people tend to use fake emails for the sake of being anonymous. For others, it’s to prevent having to deal with spam mails and the likes.

If the intent is to quickly get a download from a site requiring you to sign up, to avoid exposing your actual email address to that site, it makes sense to use a fake email. If however, being anonymous or having to deal with subsequent mails isn’t a problem, it makes better sense to use your actual email address.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the most popular and equally considered best email generators that are available in the market at this time.

Just before we go into the comparison list, let’s see a quick comparison chart.

Fake Address Generators Comparison Table

Fake Email GeneratorsEmail UptimeDomain NameUseful ForPrice
Emailfake.com231 daysAnyUseful for Registering on any website.
With this tool, you can receive confirmation mails and avoid spam email to your mailbox.
Fake Email Generator10Creating a disposable email address.
Select the country-specific domain.
Email Generator231 daysSelect from drop-down list.Email confirmation, Signup, Test account, & Social networking.Free
MailinatorEmail is auto-deleted after a few hours.Public domain and ability to use your private domain.Preventing Spam.Personal Plan: Free Team Plus: $159/month..
Throwawaymail2 daysSignup & Confirmation mail.Free

Best Fake Email Generator in 2019

Enlisted below are the most popular and perhaps, best Fake email ID generators that you should consider checking out.

1. Guerrilla Mail


Guerrilla Mail is perhaps the best and oldest fake email generator website. The website is free to use and doesn’t require registration. All that’s required is for you to input your desired name and that’s it.

The fake email ID that will be given by Guerrilla mail, will last 60 minutes after which, it becomes inaccessible. With this service, you can protect your privacy and stay away from spam. Guerrilla has an Android app which you can use in managing your fake emails directly from your phone.

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EmailFake fake email address generator

EmailFake is handy for registering on websites, receiving confirmation email, avoiding spam emails and staying anonymous. To create a fake email ID having, all that’s required is a username and a domain. There are no limits to the number of fake email addresses you can create.

The fake email created using this service is valid for 231 days which is quite a lot of time. Registration isn’t required to use

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3. TempMail

Tempmail fake email generator

TempMail which mails temporary email, is another service that grants you access to a temporary email address. Upon visiting the website, a temporary email address is allocated to you. Not cool with the temporary email given? You can change it.

Registration is not required and the service is very easy to work with. TempMail keeps you save from spam, advertising mails, hacking and attacking mails.

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3. Fake Mail Generator

Fake mail Generator

Fake mail generator is another online email ID generator that grants you access to a disposable email address. This eradicates having to deal with regular email account inbox getting filled with spam emails.

Asides the basic features that comes with disposable email services, fake mail generator provides country-specific domains. There are 10 different domain names through which you can create fake email addresses. Registration isn’t required and that means that the service is absolutely free.

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4. 10 minute mail

10 minute mail

10 minute mail isn’t new. And for the most part, you can tell what this service is about from its name. If you don’t get it, this service means that you get a fake email ID which is valid for only 10 minutes. This means that the disposable email ID having being created using 10 minute mail, will self-destruct after 10 minutes.

Hence, if on the look out for a quick email ID for the sake of downloads and other quick functions, this is one service you can try out.

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5. Email Generator


Email Generator is another online tool that is useful for creating fake email address needed for signing up on a website, email confirmation, creation of forum accounts and the likes. The email address created using this service, is valid for 231 days. No registration is required and being able to create a disposable email ID using this service is easy and fast.

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6. Trash Mail

Trashmail - get temporary email ID

Trash Mail is another fake email generator that works without the need for registration. Just as the name implies, you can create a disposable email address and after using it for the purpose for which it was created, you can easily trash it.

Creating a fake email address using this tool is really easy. Simply visit the website, insert your preferred email username, select your preferred domain and that’s it. Your fake email ID is ready.

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7. YOPmail

YOPmail fake email generator tool

YOPmail is another fake email generator tool handy for creating fake email IDs without having to deal with spam mails. This ID can be used anywhere for registration. Being able to create disposable email address using this tool is easy and straightforward.

Fake email IDs created using YOPmail has a validity period of 8 days. A unique disposable email ID is created for each and every user, registration is totally optional and no password required.

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8. MailNator


MailNator is another simple and easy to use random email generator tool for you to try out. The tool has been in existence for a really long time now and has indeed, proved to be handy. Creating a random email ID using MailNator is as easy as visiting the website and entering your preferred email address. Your email inbox is available for just a few hours.

Unlike others which are completely free, MailNator does have a free option which should do the job. However, for more flexibility, there is a pro version.

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9. Throwawaymail


The term “throw away mail”, what does it indicate? It simply means you get a fake email ID, and when the work is done, you can just throw away the email address. This is really handy for sign ups and confirmation mails. Especially for services or sites you don’t plan on keeping tabs on.

With Throwawaymail, you can send and receive emails. No registration is required as guests can create unlimited fake emails. There is an expiration period of 48 hrs for these fake email IDs using Throwawaymail.

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10. GetAirMail


Looking for a fast and easy fake email ID generator? You most likely cannot go wrong with GetAirMail. With GetAirMail, you can generate emails in seconds. GetAirMail has rebranded to Nada. Hence, if stumbling on Nada or GetAirMail, it’s the same thing.

Creating a temporary email using this tool is as easy as visiting the website, entering your preferred email username and that’s it. Once new emails are received, it will automatically display on the page without having to refresh.

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11. Dispostable


In a hurry and need to use a temporary email ID fast? Then dispostable has got you. The tool generates email ID with the domain extension. There are no limits to the number of emails you can create using this tool.

The user interface is friendly and even a newbie should be able to navigate through the site.

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That’s it, guys. Those are some of the best fake generator in the market. These email generator tools are free and should serve your temporary email needs.

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