Download Super Mario Run For Android, Version 2.0 Available For iOS

Super Mario Run game is now officially available for download on Google Play store for Android users. The game which was initially released exclusively for iOS users, now debuts on Android.

This isn’t the first mobile game from Nintendo. This is actually the second, and the first being Miitomo. The Super Mario Run game won’t be the last mobile game from Nintendo either.

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The Super Mario Run game was first announced during the course of the iPhone 7 launch event. The game first made its entrance on iOS thus leaving Android users on a waiting list.

Although it was said that the game will be coming to Android, no specific period was mentioned at the time. A few days back, Nintendo via twitter, announced it’d be launching the game on Android platform come March 23rd, 2017.

However, the company released the game a bit earlier than expected.

Download Super Mario Run Game For Android and iOS

The game, compared to the earlier version on iOS, brings about quite a bit more improvements. From improvement in characters to courses, buildings and every other thing. So basically, Android users are not following behind.

With the version 2.0 being brought to iOS, same improvements available on Android have been put in place.

In terms of pricing, downloading Super Mario Run is absolutely free of charge. However, there is a charge of $9.99 if you want to unlock the whole game and additional levels. Not to worry, it’s a one time payment.

There is a free content available for those who have not purchased the game. This works in the form of a browser challenge.

Super mario run browser challenge

Players can complete the challenge which will then unlock 1-4 courses. Clearing those courses will give room for more courses that users can play in the Road Rally, new Toad colors, and new shop buildings.

If you are a fan of the game, go ahead and give the Super Mario Run game a trial. You can also drop your experience using the comment session.

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