[How To] Check If Tecno Android Phone And Battery Are Original Or Fake

Some few days back, a reader of this blog contacted me via a comment with an issue she had with her newly acquired tecno android P5. She complained that the phone hangs too frequently and she isn’t enjoying it. Her comment actually reads thus:

Hi Samuel,

I am typing this email out of sheer frustration! My Tecno P5 freezes like every hour! Randomly sending a sms freezes the phone! It’s so annoying! I’ve had the phone for about 10days and I am not enjoying it one bit! And I haven’t even downloaded bbm. Your assistance will be most appreciated.

I replied her asking: How many apps do you have installed on the device? If less than 10, please try returning to your seller and ask for a replacement.

She replied thus:

Thank you very much.I can’t remember how many they were. There were some pre-installed apps on the phone when I bought it, and I downloaded some more. Although I have uninstalled the lot of them now save for my gmail account. The freezing has stopped since then. I would return it anyway because I suspect that when I re-install them, the freezing will start again.
I appreciate your time. Thank you.

Personally i knew for an android device like the tecno P5 running processor of 1.0 GHz dual-core Mediatek MT6572E CPU and a RAM of 512MB, it is not expected to freeze the way she described it.

how to confirm if tecno phone and battery is original or fake

I suspected that a fake version of tecno android phones is now in stores and upon research, I found it to be true and this means the reader had probably bought a fake android device.

The good news is that Tecno Mobile is aware of this and they have put in place, a medium with which you can verify if a tecno android phone and battery is original or fake and i’d like to share how with you.

How To Check If Tecno Android Phone And Battery Is Original Or Fake

First of all, you will be needing an internet connection on a phone or PC in other to access the checking web page.

Just visit http://gc.tecno-mobile.com/index and insert the information required. The information required are the IMEI and VC number including the battery Serial Number.

How Do I Find The IMEI and VC Numbers?

Normally, the IMEI and VC number comes displayed on the pack on the device but some people can be deceived by changing the packs. Hence, here’s what I advise.

Open the phone pack and take the phone out. Open the back cover of the phone and look at the information written on the white seal inside the phone’s back.

There you should find the IMEI and VC numbers or if you are allowed, you can turn the phone on and dial *#06# and the IMEI number will be displayed right on the phone screen.

How To Find The Serial Number Of The Battery?

This is simple. Simply look at the body of the battery, the serial number is boldly written there.

Type in the required details on the website above and if your battery is original, you should get the message.

If your IMEI and VC are fake, you will get a message that states that your VC is incorrect and you should get an original android phone from an authorized tecno dealer.

To save you all this stress, you should buy phones from a reputable store. With the information above, you should be able to tell between a fake tecno android device and an original tecno android phone. If you’ve got questions, do relate using the comment session.

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