C24 Limited Wants To Borrow You Money Without Collateral Online

www.c24.com.ng – C24 Limited, according to the press center, is a company that gives loans without collateral with an interest rate of only 4%. Additionally, application is done online which could be a huge time saver on your path.

borrow money without collateral online

In fact, communication and processing can be completed without physically appearance at the company. Just get some documents ready and the company’s courier will come pick it up for free.

Additional Information About Borrowing Loans On C24 Limited

  1. No hidden charges
  2. Your bank statement explains and decides how much max you can take. The contract managers in-house will advise on how much you can access if you won’t be allowed to take the normal fund you applied for. This is just to prevent defaulting since there is no collateral involved. So basically, your bank statement or salary is your collateral.
  3. No charge backs. Just 4% interest rate and 4% one-time management fee (the management fee is paid only on the first month of repayment).
  4. You choose how long you want to repay.

How To Get Started With Borrowing Money Without Collateral Online?

If this seem as a good deal to you, simply visit www.c24.com.ng and use the online tool in finding out how much is required of you to pay back in total (including interest) and how much is required for you to pay monthly.

If the result is satisfactory, you can go ahead and apply for a loan. Best of lucks!

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