The BITCOINS Trading BOT Strategy That Makes Money While You Sleep

Just as you read, What do you think about generating income while you sleep? BITCOIN does not rest, therefore neither do the markets with which it works.

Most of the exchanges are carried out 24 hours, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays, that is why when investing with BITCOIN, the changes in the market can last for fractions of seconds at any moment of the day.

It is essential to know that it is a BITCOINS TRADING BOT. Do not worry I will explain it to you below.

What Is Bitcoins Trading Bot?

The Bitcoins trading Bot is software that was created to automate investment operations with which it is sought to obtain the greatest benefits, mainly analyzing the value of digital assets. These robots are capable of automating from the most basic and simple processes to the most complex ones, where decision-making occurs both when entering and exiting markets, handling well-established profitability and risk parameters.

Trading bots are nothing more than a tool that does automatic trading in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, WHICH PROVES TO BE SOMETHING VERY INTERESTING. Another important fact is that these BOTS DO NOT HANDLE YOUR MONEY. The money you want to invest is only invested by you.

BITCOINS Trading BOT that makes money

The bot will only be those external tools that will operate for you in the purchase and sale of BITCOIN, but it does not have access to your funds nor does it have access to transfer or withdraw your money. It only works with them automatically when you configure it.

How Bitcoins Trading Bot Works?

Bitcoin trading bots can be a wonderful tool for beginners in trading, but what do we need to be able to make use of a trading bot? EASY. First, an account in a cryptocurrency exchange. Secondly, select the bot and register from your smartphone. Bots are paid, a membership must be canceled to be able to use it, in addition to charging around 20% commission for each operation where the closure is positive.

Another interesting question is where does the BOT charge the commission? Simple. Charges are from the deposit fund that is made at the moment we start using the bot.

Recognized BITCOINS Trading BOT

Some of the most recognized cryptocurrency trading BOT are as follows:

  1. Quadency
  2. Bitsgap
  3. Mudrex
  4. Napbots
  5. HaasOnline
  6. Botsfolio
  7. Shrimpy
  8. 3Commas
  9. Coinrule
  10. Cryptohopper
  11. TradeSanta
  12. Pionex

Remember we will always warn you, be careful. Many people are looking for and are using bots for bitcoin trading and there are unscrupulous developers who design fraudulent software to deceive inexperienced people.

In this new technological era, it is worth saying that bots are here to stay and thus make life even easier, but, as every technological invention has its limitations, the first is a few safe BITCOINS bots and in turn they are expensive.

Every day, they are replacing more people, and therefore expert traders are not required to make investments, bots only execute strategies but do not elaborate on them. They do not have emotionality or psychology, so they do not hesitate before a negotiation since they do not generate their own strategy as they only follow user instructions. You can also take reference from this website called

Is a bot recommended? It can be considered a useful companion for expert BITCOINS trading, but the same is not the case for beginners.

The concept of bot trading results from research where humans tend to act only on emotions, which negatively affects the analysis and decision-making necessary for cryptocurrency trading, where decision-making cannot be based on emotions anymore which often fails with operations and therefore robots will not make these mistakes.

The crypto robot works diligently according to the orders received 24/7; without scales. This is different from humans who need to rest. Some may even become too lazy to even look at the trading screen and may miss out on making a profit from BITCOIN trading.

The robot trades quickly because the trading signals are triggered and match the conditions. The robot will immediately send orders to the system. This is different from the ways humans operate, which require a process of analysis before making decisions.


The use of bots is a perfect complement to an in-person operation. They are to be used as a safeguard against unexpected movements when not in front of the computer and to take advantage of the lateral movements of the market. But in no case is it wise to delegate all cryptocurrency activity to a bot, and sometimes, it is not profitable to pay for one when the same effect can be achieved by scheduling buy and sell orders in advance.

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