How To Play Games Directly On BBM For iOS App

Blackberry has released another update to its BBM messenger app on iOS. Not only did the app get some re-adjustments, being able to play games directly on the app, is now part of the package.

The new update came with some re-adjustments and newly added features. Features that are rather interesting to play with. I guess this is Blackberry’s way of making the app more interesting than just chats.

Speaking of adjustments, BBM for iOS Now has the profile and settings moved to the ME tab. Yes, the ME tab is new and has the profile picture, name and status. On the ME tab, you also find help, report problem, share pin, settings and About.

new ME tab on BBM

There is also a discover tab. Although not new, it’s now easy to find. Under the discover tab, lies the new features BBM brought to the table.

BBM on iOS discover tab

Games being the first – catches my fantasy. Other than games, there is the channels menu, subscriptions, stickers, paycode (ATM & POS), payd airtime top-up, Money transfer and quickteller Airtime Top-up.

How To Play Games On BBM for iPhone

In other to access to access and play games on the BBM app, you would need a stable internet connection.

Step #1: Tap on the Games option under Discover tab. Grant permission and allow some time to display all the games available.

games available on BBM for iPhone

Step #2: Choose a game you’d like to play

In my case, I tried out Cookie Crush. The game is somewhat similar to Candy Crush. The name even portrays that.

When the game loads up, follow the simple onscreen instruction and enjoy.

playing cookie crush game on BBM

Interestingly, you don’t need to make any external download. The game works directly on the BBM app.

While there are loads of games you could choose from, you shouldn’t expect to see mortal kombat X, PES or any high quality HD game.

To exit the game menu, simply tap on Close.

There you have it. Being able to play games on BBM for iOS (iPhone) is that easy. Visit the App Store and update the app if you haven’t.

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