How to back up Contacts, Messages and Call logs on an Infinix Phone

You just got an infinix smartphone, or you’ve been using an infinix phone for a while now, and you are wondering how you could back up your contacts, messages and call logs to the cloud on the device? Well, you are in luck as this tutorial should guide you through.

While the android Operating System is an awesome OS with lots of features and capabilities, a few things could go wrong. There are times when you are stuck in a situation and the only solution would be having to factory reset the phone. And factory resetting an android phone of course, means the phone will be reset to it’s default state. Thus, losing every user-saved files available on the device.

back up contacts, messages on infinix phone

I am sure you wouldn’t want that to happen right? Hence, saving to the cloud could be a better option.

Backing up Contacts, messages and call logs on an Infinix Android Phone

  • Open an Xclub account
  • Go to Xcontact menu (if you are using the XUI) or Xcloud (if you are using XOS)
  • Register your username or log in using your Xclub account
  • Allow every necessary permissions if running Android Marshmallow
  • Tap backup
  • Select what to backup ( Contacts,sms,call log etc. By default, all are turned on)
  • Accept terms & Click Backup.

Credit goes to Opeyemi Onadeko who shared the steps with me and asked that i share with you guys.

Please note, you will need an active/stable internet connection in other to complete the back up process. Restoring is also easy using same steps above.

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