Effective Ways To Take ScreenShots On Tecno Android Phones and Tablet

For some time now, i have always wondered how to take screenshot on my tecno android tablet (Tecno N9) but due to maybe negligence, I have always let that slide.

Just during the early hours of today, there was an urgent need to take a screenshot on a Tecno android Phone. Precisely a P5 and that was when this tutorial became a necessity.

Thanks to a fellow geek by the name Jonathan who also happens to be a frequent follower of this blog. He gave me a quick tip which worked on my tablet and on the friend’s phone.

It’s this same quick tip, i have come to share with you today and all credits goes to Jonathan Ismaila.

Just like my previous issue, a lot of people must have been wondering how they could take screenshots or screen grabs on their tecno android phones and tablets.

If you are in such situation, worry no more as this post is sure to give a definite solution. I have confirmed it working on Tecno P5 android phone and Tecno N9 android tablet although Jonathan can shed more light to which phones this can work with via the comment session.

How To Take Screen Shots On Tecno Android Phones and Tablets

take screenshot on tecno android phones

Taking screenshots or screen-grabs on these devices are very easy. It only requires a combination on two keys which you are to press together.

Steps To Take Screenshot on Android

Step #1. Go to the particular screen you want to take a shot off
Step #2. Press and Hold the Power Button and Volume down button at same time,
Step #3. You should hear a click sound and a notification that the screen has been successfully saved.
Step #4. Navigate to your Gallery and find the screenshot image.

3 ways To Take screenshots on Latest Tecno Phones

The Tecno Camon C9, as often pointed out, is the latest addition to the brand’s line of Camon Series. The smart phone not only runs Android marshmallow OS, it feature’s a refined version of Tecno’s Custom UI known as HiOS.

HiOS comes with quite a handful of features and of course, bugs. One of the somewhat noticeable feature is the ability to quickly take screenshots.

By default, swiping the screen from the top downwards and tapping the screenshot option automatically takes a shot of the current screen. But what if I tell you there are other ways? Well, we are about to find out.

Ways to easily take screenshots on Tecno Latest Smartphones

1. Taking screenshot via the notification tab

take screenshot on tecno camon c9 step 1

As earlier mentioned, simply swiping the screen from the top to the bottom to show the notification tab, and tapping on screenshot simply takes a shot of the current screen.

Using that option is perhaps, quite easy. However, check out the second step.

2. Taking screenshots using 3 Fingers

take screenshot on tecno camon c9 step 2

Yes, you can easily take screenshots on the Tecno Camon C9 using your fingers. How?

Simply place three of your fingers on any part of the screen and slide down a little. Cool right?

3. Key combination

take screenshot on tecno camon c9 step 3

This particular option isn’t peculiar to tecno smartphones. Based on my experience so far, virtually every Android phone powered by MediaTek processor uses same key combination.

Simply press and hold the Vol- (Volume down) and power buttons together and a screenshot will be saved to the gallery folder.

So, there you have it guys. Taking screenshots on the Tecno Camon C9 is as easy as reading this post and possibly clicking the share button.

Hope this post comes in handy in letting you know how to take screenshots or screen-grabs on tecno android phones and tablets.

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