Advanced Tips On How to Increase Android Phone Internal Storage space

If you are an android user, especially if you are using android phones that comes with pretty low internal storage capacity, one of the likely issue you might experience on your phone is the error stating ‘Internal Memory full‘ or something similar.

This is often the case when trying to download or install some files.

I quite understand that could be very disturbing especially when you really need those files to be downloaded or installed on your phone and you ain’t willing to let go of other files you have on the device.

It is owing to this fact, we have decided to share with you, proven tips on how to increase internal storage space on your android phones.

Requirements For Increasing Internal Storage Space On Android Phones

First and foremost, your android device needs to be rooted in others to achieve this aim.

Rooting an android device is not much of a big deal anymore as there seem to be loads of one-click rooting apps like kingroot, iRoot, and the rest. You can Google how to root your specific android device or use the search box on this blog.

increase android phone internal storage space

After rooting your android device, You will need a file explorer that has root privileges or one that can access your phone’s root folder.

Most of these kinds of apps are available on the Google Play store. However, I would recommend going for root file explorers like Xplorer, Es File Explorer, or Root Explorer.

Personally, I prefer the Es File Explorer app and for this tutorial, I would advise you to use the same.

Steps To Increasing Android Phones Internal Storage Space

#1. Using the ES File Explorer app, Navigate to Root Folder > data > log_other_mode. Open the folder and delete all of the files in it.

Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your device. We are just trying to free space on the device by deleting log files that don’t really make meaning. These files are totally not important to save to delete.

#2. You can also Navigate to /data/dalvik cache and delete all of the files there.

#3. Navigate to /data/lost+found, and delete everything.

#4. Navigate to /system/lost+found, and delete everything in it.

#5. If you are not so comfortable with the internal space being freed, you can Navigate to /system/app. Delete MTK Logger.apk and the corresponding MTK Logger.odex file.

This, however, is exclusive to android phones powered by MTK Processors. Also please note, if deleting the MTK logger files and rebooting your phone, your device might start up in a pretty weird way but after that reboot, you shouldn’t experience any issues again.

#6. More files to remove? You can Navigate to /data/data-core, and delete all of the files there. You can also Navigate to /aex_exp and do the same there.

When done, try rebooting your phone and when your android phone is fully booted up, check your internal storage space and you should see a huge difference.

Do note that these are advanced methods for freeing space on your android phone. If you looking for simpler methods, this post could sort you out.

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