Our Unbiased Experience Using Taxify Cab Service In Lagos, Nigeria

Having to write about my experience with Taxify isn’t exactly what I planned doing. However, it’s currently past 5am and I am out of ideas on what to do. Sleep isn’t even an option. That guy hasn’t entirely been nice to me within the past few days. So perhaps, my experience with Taxify in Lagos, Nigeria could come in handy.

The other day, I decided to engage in a somewhat adventurous outing with a few number of friends. Two other friends to be precise. Since I wasn’t going alone, I decided to employ the services of a cab or Taxi. Whatever it’s being addressed as.

Having used uber before with a nice experience plus free AC, settling for the regular taxes wasn’t an option. Biko, life is too short to pay that high amount on transportation within Lagos and not enjoy AC. Hence, I decided to call on Uber.

Using the app on my phone, I made a request and of course, I got connected to a driver – supposedly. Few minutes had gone past and I am yet to see my driver nor hear from him. I tried calling him (courtesy of the Uber app) and guess what, the driver’s number was switched off.

Left with no other choice, i had to cancel and according to Uber’s policy (I like to think that’s what it’s called), I was billed N1000. I understand that can be rectified but I haven’t felt the need to do so. Perhaps, when am done writing this article, I will send them a mail for that to be fixed, possibly.

Now back to my story, since the uber driver didn’t show up and I wasn’t willing to pay an additional N1000 (for something i did not use), I decided to try their major contender, Taxify!

Registering On Taxify Had An Issue, But It Is Fine

Registering on Taxify is quite easy and straightforward. You can even choose to log in via your Facebook or twitter account and skip the hustle of having to register.

For someone like me who likes to keep things tidy (somethings actually), I decided to register and keep my social media accounts out of my trips.

Upon filling in the required details including email address, it was time for the phone number to be verified. Taxify stated they sent a code to my phone via text message but it never actually came through. I tried that option thrice but it still didn’t work. I decided to try the call me option and that worked out fine.

taxify app on iPhone

After registration is complete, it was time to make a request. By the way, Taxify shows you more details (like eateries, places, etc) around your location compared to uber.

Taxify Drivers Will Call You!

Yes! After making a request for a driver, I was a bit surprised to have received a call from the driver who basically called for verification and location purpose. I personally think that’s really cool. Not exactly an exception on Uber though.

Although the app stated it was gonna take about 5 minutes for the driver to get to me, it took about 20 minutes or more before the driver finally arrived. His excuse was traffic, which I can understand. That’s Lagos for you.

I enjoyed Comfort and AC, lol

Hehe! Now, you would probably think I don’t get to enjoy Air Condition on a regular. I mean, with the way i seem to emphasize on the subject matter. Truth is, I do. Even uber cars have that on board. However, if you’ve lived in Lagos, Nigeria for a long time and probably had a fair share of those yellow painted buses called ‘Danfo‘, you would appreciate cab services like Uber and Taxify.

Of course, they are way more expensive. You might wanna ask, what about the regular Taxis in Lagos, Nigeria? Well, most of them I’ve been opportune to use, often do not have Air Conditionals. Their customer service isn’t exactly top notch either. However, you are wholeheartedly graced with free natural Air. Besides, the price variation between using Uber, Taxify and those Taxis isn’t much. There are even cases where those Taxis cost much compared to uber and taxify.

Anyway, back to my gist. I sure had a good time using Taxify. Despite the driver being evidently much older than I am, he kept responding with Sir. And frankly, I wasn’t too comfortable with that.

It was sure a pleasant ride that I had to call the same driver to come pick us up by the time we were done.

The Noticeable Con With Taxify Compared To Uber

Compared to Uber, Taxify is more expensive. Although not so much, every penny counts.

By the way, before finally using Taxify, I’ve heard a couple of people say Taxify do not charge when the car is stuck in traffic. That’s not true!

Returning back to where I was initially picked up from, I was billed an additional N700 which apparently, should be as a result of the traffic encountered along the way.

In summary, Taxify offers an amazing service and sure serves as a major contender to uber. However, considering the price variation, most people will still choose Uber over taxify. Abeg, who no like to save money?

Personally, Taxify will only be my second option except if proven otherwise.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉