Tecno WinPad With 7000mAh Battery, Detachable Keyboard, Windows OS

Honestly, the rate at which Tecno releases devices lately is quite alarming and the devices come with little specs difference from the earlier released devices. If I may add, it’s really not healthy.

In less than 10 months, we have witnessed new devices released by the company. If our estimates are correct, we have witnessed 3 devices or so released in such a short time.

During the Jumia mobile week, we heard of the Tecno 8H DroiPad which we talked about on this blog. It was only few weeks back we got to know there was a predecessor before the 8h device.

Apparently, these devices ain’t properly marketed (I apologize if¬†I am talking out-of-place). Interestingly, some of these devices are not even available on the Tecno mobile website yet they are on sales in the mobile market.

Tecno WinPad 10 Tablet specs

A Tecno WinPad 10 was launched recently and the device is still not stated on the Tecno website. It’s currently only available in slots Nigeria stores and we are hoping it circulates in no time.

I am wondering if Tecno is thinking of dropping online promotion or reducing it to a minimal. In my own opinion, doing that will definitely lead to a huge decline in sales.

Tecno winpad 10 tablet boxing

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. The Tecno WinPad 10 tablet isn’t the regular tablet running on Android operating system instead, the device features a 10.1-inch WXGA IPS display, runs on Windows 8.1 OS, powered by a 1.83 Ghz Quad-core Intel atom Z3735F processor.

More Specifications Of The Tecno WinPad 10 Tablet

  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage space expandable to 64GB using microSD card.
  • 3G Network support
  • Micro HDMI port
  • 5 megapixels rear camera and 2 megapixels front camera.
  • 7000mAh Battery capacity.

The device also comes with an attached keyboard which can be used as a standalone tab or as a laptop.

Tecno Win-Pad 10 used as laptop

Price Of Tecno WinPad 10

Currently, the device is not available on online retails stores in Nigeria. However, it’s currently selling for N57000 (fifty-seven thousand Naira) in Slots.

We’d hope the price will reduce when the device goes in circulation.

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