Here’s How To Change Tecno Camon C8 IMEI Numbers Successfully

Even through glo has increased its bis subscription cost, using the plan on android phones is still the cheapest. Except of course, if you are using MTN bis with simple server or other FTB or UBT tricks.

In other to use glo bis on an android phone, the phone’s IMEI number needs to be changed to that of a BlackBerry imei number and that’s where tutorials like this often come in handy.

Change tecno camon c8 imei

The image above clearly certifies that I have successfully changed the Tecno Camon C8 IMEI and if you are looking at doing same, this post is set to guide you.

Changing Tecno Camon C8 IMEI Number

First, let me point out that it’s not mandatory for you to root the Tecno C8 android phone before you can change the IMEI. You may also want to back up your current imei numbers before proceeding with the steps below.

Steps To Follow

  •  Download MTK Engineering Mode App HERE, install and launch the app
  • On the MTK Engineering Mode app interface, choose MTK Settings as seen in the image below
  • MTK engineering mode imei change Under MTK settings, Slide to Connectivity
  •  Under Connectivity, tap on CDS Information > Radio > Phone 1 or Phone 2 depending on which SIM Slot IMEI you want to change.
  • If you choose SIM 1 (phone 1), tap on the position where you can see AT+, type E and choose the first slide up option. If you chose SIM 2 (phone 2), tap the second slide up option (see image below).
  • Choosing option while changing imei numbers Now, place the pointer between AT and + then give a single space. Next, go to the double columns and place your pointer in the middle of both columns. In that space, you should type in the IMEI number you intend changing to. For example (see the screenshot below):
    IMEI number changed on the tecno camon c8 phone
  •  When you are done, tap on SEND AT COMMAND and you should get a msent notification. Go back till you exit the app and then restart your phone.

When the phone is done restarting, dial *06# to see that the new imei number has taken effect.

It’s that simple. Please remember that you have to input a valid IMEI in other to avoid phone errors. If you do not have a valid BlackBerry IMEI, you can request using the comment form and I will have one sent to you ASAP.

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