Reddit SoccerStreams Banned : Best Alternatives For /r/soccerstreams

For football loves who love watching free soccer online, precisely on reddit’s r/soccerstreams,, there’s sad news and there’s good news. By the title of this post, I’m pretty sure you already figured, right?

Well, the bad news is, the subreddit SoccerStreams with almost 500000 subscribers, have been banned. Or should we say, taken down?

The reddit SoccerStreams subreddit was taken down after getting copyright warning from premier league team. This however, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Now, the good news is, there are a number of top alternatives for SoccerStreams. In this post, we will be looking at the best sites like the reddit soccer subreddit to stream football watches and sort.

Prior to now, SoccerStreams forum on reddit was one of the most trusted platforms for sharing and receiving high-quality streams. Think of it as a dam for football lovers and enthusiasts.

Best Alternatives For /r/soccerstreams

In the forum, there is always streaming links for all league matches. Regardless of the country the game is going on, there will be at least one streaming link for users to watch the match in the reddit forum.

SoccerStreams became very popular during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. At the time, over a million people were online everyday during the event. Most streams linked little to AceStream which works via P2P technology. This technology is simpler to that of torrent.

If you visit the SoccerStream subreddit on reddit now, you will see a notification stating “r/soccerstreams has been banned from reddit. This subreddit has been banned for violations of reddit’s copyright repeat infringement policy.”

Sad, but that shouldn’t stop you.

Best 3 Alternatives For SoccerStreams

There are subreddits like SoccerStreams on Reddit. Although Reddit moderators are hunting down all illegal soccer streaming subreddits, there are still a few SoccerStreams alternatives. Considering the fight against these streaming channels, there are no guarantees as to how long these will last.

Here are the best SoccerStreams alternatives on Reddit

1. SoccerStreams69

The soccerstreams69 subreddit was created for those who wish to still keep getting updates regarding football on reddit. Live streaming links are often posted on the page. Precisely before each match. The SoccerStreams69 page isn’t that big hence, not all matches are being covered. Especially Asian matches. As just it was on SoccerStreams, you will get acestreams links and direct links for all popular matches from SoccerStreams69.

To bare in mind though, that this isn’t a permanent fix. As earlier mentioned, Reddit moderators are hurting down these channels and there is no saying to how long the page will be up for, before it gets banned.

2. RedditSoccer

Redditsoccer is another subreddit page on reddit that provides streaming links before each match begins. As at this time, this page has only about 10,000 subscribers which is a far crime from what SoccerStreams had. However, there are often about 1000 members online everytime. This page, just like the other mentioned above, equally shares acestreams which uses P2P technology. What this means is, if on a stable network, you won’t experience buffering or low quality. Considering the fact that there are many streamers posting links, it makes sense to just choose a favorite channel, language and work with that.

3. RedSoccer

After SoccerStreams got banned, a couple of alternatives spring up. Redsoccer happens to be one of those subreddits created with the internet of making it a SoccerStreams alternative.

While there are only a few number of subscribers on the page, the subscribers do well at serving valuable links just before the match starts. Unlike the rest, there are a few rules with Redsoccer. These rules are aimed to keep the streaming links working and attractive.

First, they only allow direct links to the stream. Reason for this is to avoid confusing intermediate pages. The quality of the links are also marked as SD, HD and MISR (Minimum Internet Speed Required) details.

Discord happens to be one platform I just newly discovered. The service seems to be getting rid of the need for other services like Skype, TeamSpeak, Mumble, or Ventrilo. Discord is a VoIP application intended for sharing text, audio, images, and videos related to games.

The discord application can be utilized on literally every operating systems and web browser. Yes, you can access the discord platform using your preferred browser.

The service was started after reddit banned SoccerStreams. Within a couple of works after launch, more than 1.5million members joined the server.

As at the time of writing this, the soccer69 channel on discord has almost 25000 members. There are usually over a thousand members online. This channel works similar to SoccerStreams subreddit. Members can send links to any watchers for other members to use.

To join the channel, you will need to create a username and create an account on discord. Thereafter, you will need to send a direct message to the admin panel or moderators to send channel links. Once you are approved, you can equally send links of any matches. A streamer role for future link sharing will also be provided for you.

Similar to how SoccerStreams works, streamers can post live match links only the match starts. Precisely about an hour before the match starts. The links will be visible only for the most part but will be removed 30 mins to the match. Hence, if you visit the discord channel when there is no live match ongoing, you’d likely not see any links.

View Soccer69 Discord Channel


If perhaps, the subreddit football channels above have been removed, the discord should come handy. If however, you still need an alternative, should be your best bet.

AceListing is the best AceStream link serving website for football lovers and enthusiasts. The website provides a list of sport events viewable in high quality. Asides football, the website also provides AceStream links for tennis and basketball.

Upon visiting the website homepage, you will be shown scheduled matches for the day as well as matches that took place the previous day. Beside these events, you will find the AceStream links. If you already have AceStream installed on your device, simply click on the links and it will launch the AceStream app on your phone and thereafter, play the target channel.

Premier League, Spanish LA Liga, Portugal A Liga, Argentina SuperLiga, Colombia Primera A, Champions League, French league, Italian league, Europa League etc, are all broadcasted via channels stated on the website.

The website also provides links to multiple channels which broadcast the match in different languages. Hence, if English isn’t your thing, you could help in luck.

How To Watch Premier League Legally

Sky Sports and BT sport share the broadcasting rights to premier league football in the UK. The sports also air on some premium channels on DSTV. Hence, to watch premier league legally, tune in to sky sports or BT sports. You can also tune in to some football channels on DSTV.

Prefer mobile? Customers can also live stream the match through the Sky Go and BT sport apps. DsTV subscribers can watch the stream on the DsTV Now app.


The SoccerStreams subreddit was perhaps, the best and most convenient option for people who wanted to watch their favorite teams play without having to speed money on subscription. Links on the site were placed 30 minutes prior to when the game kicks off. Considering the fact that there was usually hundreds of thousands of people on the site, there would be various links to choose from, varying in quality.

However, just like they often say, not everything last forever. SoccerStreams is gone, and will most likely never be back. It makes sense to seek for alternatives. For this reason, we have provided the best SoccerStreams alternatives above.

As earlier mentioned, those subreddit alternatives mentioned, may not last for too long. Especially as they become popular. Reddit moderators are hunting down such pages and the moment they discover those, they’d most likely take it down.

I’m quite unsure as to how discord will handle the links, especially seeing they infringe on copyright. Oh well, there are still other options. If you can’t be glued to your TV, you can watch love football and soccer streams online via your phone using any of the apps mentioned above.

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